How Much Sex Do Men and Women Need?

If you hear friends talking about daily sex, you begin to consider yourself underprivileged. There is no need to compare yourself with others. Each of us has individual needs in sex.

Couple Kissing

Most sexologists recommend that men should make love five times a week. Thus, according to specialists, they will reduce the probability of prostate cancer.

It is necessary to take into account the following nuances: physical health, age, and sexual temperament. The same applies to women. Both men and women have their sexual characteristics, the so-called “sexual constitution.” Those people, who live in warm climates, are more temperamental than the people from the Nordic countries. A warm southern climate affects the level of testosterone in the body.

The most intense sexual activity is observed among the Americans – 124 times a year, the Greeks have sex 117 times, the Croats and South Africans – 116, the New Zealanders – 115 times a year, and then the French, Italians and Israelis follow.

How often do you have sex? It’s simple – when there is sexual desire. And do not think you’re somehow disadvantaged if you do not want to have sex every day. On the other hand, having sex is really good for women’s health.

For example, scientists believe that having sex at least once a week helps to cope with stress better. Regular sex can fight insomnia, strengthen the immune system, make us happier and enhance our senses.