Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch for Holidays

Holidays coming on fast, it becomes even more important to join in the fun of glass-clicking with as little sorry aftermath as possible. You can save your face socially and brag later of having drunk everyone else under the table if you turn up for the party armed with the Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch. Enjoying your drinks without a hangover sounds like a dream come true, and here’s your true holiday gift from Dr. Leonard Grossman, plastic and reconstructive surgeon who understands.

Hangover Prevention Patch for Holidays

Built along the lines of a nicotine patch, Dr. Grossman’s Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch takes upon itself to supply vitamins and acids as soon as you lose them as you down another drink. You stick it on 45 minutes prior to cork-opening and leave it be for about 8 hours after gulping the one for the road. All this time the patch keeps pumping what the doctor ordered – B, A, D, E, K vitamins, acai berry, folic – into the bloodstream while a pill disgorges its useful load in a much shorter time. What price a fresh morning after?