How to Detect a Liar?

Unfortunately, we are confronted with lies more often than we would like. We are deceived at the supermarket, given low-quality goods, deceived by the partners who promise mountains of gold for a contract; and even friends lie. In order not to take the bait, watch the gestures of your interlocutor.

Yound Woman at a Job Interview with her future Boss

A person covers their mouth with his hand

This gesture is one of the few remaining from childhood. Our brain subconsciously tries to prevent false words coming out of our mouth. Therefore, when a person is lying, he covers his mouth with his hand involuntarily. He may not cover the whole mouth, but even if he keeps a few fingers or his fist at his mouth, you may suspect him of lying.

A person touches their nose

This is the surest sign that a person is lying. When a person is lying, his body produces adrenaline, and the blood in the capillaries begins to circulate faster. As the tip of the nose contains a many small blood vessels, it creates an itchy feeling and a desire to scratch or touch it.

A person rubs their eyelid

When we lie, we are afraid to look our interlocutor in the eyes and try to hide them. Therefore, there is a desire to look away, to touch, or rub the eyes. A liar is afraid of being caught out, so he tries to avoid eye contact.

A person pulls their earlobes

This gesture also came to us from childhood, when we wanted to distance ourselves from parent blames and covered our ears with our hands. If a person is nervous, he pulls or scratches the ear lobes. Touching his ears, he is trying to extricate himself from the lies.

Do not ignore the observations of psychologists, watch your gestures and facial expressions, and be on the alert. Knowing what those simple gestures mean, you can easily expose the liar without falling for his bait.

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