How to Get Your Libido Back?

It has been a month since you understood you did not want sex. Getting into bed, you try to fall asleep as soon as possible not to feel shame for your reluctance to have sex. Our tips will help you regain libido.

Depressed woman

Psychological Reasons of Low Libido

Lack of sexual desire is often caused by psychological reasons: the routine of life, quarrels and insults, stress at work. If this is the case, and your reluctance stems from purely psychological reasons, psychologists advise changing scenery, going for a walk together, having a romantic dinner or going out of town.

This will help you to get closer again, to understand and feel each other in a frank conversation and find new things in common. A comfortable psychological atmosphere significantly improves the quality of sex life.

Physiological Libido Problems

If your problem is not a psychological one, there can be a physiological cause – pain in the genitals, discomfort during intercourse. In such a case, you need to see a gynecologist. Do not try to bear it, ask for professional help. Maybe, you only need to change the posture or use a lubricant, and the problem will be solved.

Try Natural Aphrodisiacs

Another reason for the decline of libido is the lack of amino acids in the body, which provide the blood flow to the genitals. Then the problem can be solved with the help of certain foods: pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, nuts and other aphrodisiacs.

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