Should You Forgive Cheating?

It is not easy to survive the cheating of a loved one. Often, the first wish is to break up. It is even more difficult to decide on giving the unfaithful man a second chance. Before taking such a decision, ask him and yourself a few questions.


Questions to Ask Him

  1. Was it a single happening or a lasting relationship?
  2. Does he love another woman?
  3. Does he continue seeing her? If so, is it at will or not (eg at work)?
  4. What steps is he willing to take so that it does not happen again?
  5. What, in his opinion, does your relationship lack?
  6. What steps can you take to strengthen your relationship?
  7. Is he ready to go see a psychologist with you?
  8. Does he want to save your relationship?
  9. Was he was protected during the sex with another woman?
  10. Does he feel guilty?

Questions to Pose Yourself

  1. Does he deserve your forgiveness?
  2. Were you chill with him just as he was with you, or were you dearly loving him all the time?
  3. Are you ready to forget the cheating, or will you always remember it?
  4. Do you forgive him because you’re afraid of being alone?
  5. Would you cheat in a similar situation? May your relationship lack mutual respect and love?
  6. Does he want to be forgiven or is he ready to leave?
  7. Is there anything positive in your relationship, able to outweigh the negative, including cheating?
  8. Is this for the first time?
  9. What are the goals of your relationship? Are your plans for the future similar?
  10. Why do you want to stay with him?
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