Excess Weight Is the New Pretense to Avoid Sex


Forget the headache! Today, women have a new and a much more serious reason to deprive men of sex.

Excess Weight

52% of women surveyed said they avoided sex because of the extra pounds. According to British experts, the survey of 4000 people showed that many women suffer from a combination of unrealistic expectations regarding their appearance and an increasing number of things they have to do. So, as a result, the relationship crumbles.

The number 1 sex-killer is tiredness. 72% of women said that they refuse to have sex because of this. Among other reasons mentioned are a feeling of unattractiveness (34%), illness (33%) and stress (32%), The Daily Mail reports.

13% of women surveyed admitted that they make love only with lights off, because otherwise the partner will be able to see their body, and they feel shy. One woman in ten would like to make sex hotter and add some spice to bed, but she continues to use only the familiar sex positions because she is ashamed of certain parts of her body.

6% of the respondents who are married or living with a partner, find their sex life boring, 19% believe that their libido will increase if they spend more time with their loved ones.

And we can only feel sorry for another 6% of women – they agree to have sex with the partner only because of … sense of duty.