Does Love at First Sight Exist?

British psychologists have found that love at first sight for women does not exist. However, it does at sixth sight, writes The Psychological Science.

Man and woman

On its pages, the researchers say they have managed to decipher the love mechanism for UK women. In their view, to evaluate the attractiveness of a potential partner – his appearance, odor, facial expressions and gestures – a woman needs about 45 seconds and six sights.

Moreover, the sights are distributed as follows:

  1. the first lasts for about 5 seconds and determines the eye color and its expression,
  2. the second sight lasts for 10 seconds and assesses clothes and orderliness,
  3. third – 5 seconds, it evaluates the hairstyle
  4. the fourth sight is directed to the hands, to determine how manly and beautiful they are, and whether there is a wedding ring on them
  5. the fifth sight is focused on men’s shoes
  6. the sixth sight which lasts about 15 seconds determines comportment, gait, facial expressions and gestures.

It is curious that a similar experiment conducted among American women showed that women in the U.S. first look at the lips of a potential life partner, and then on their buttocks, and these are enough to make a final conclusion whether they like that man or not.

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