Dating Advice for Men: 5 Ways to Redeem Yourself If You Screwed Up on Valentine’s Day

Did you know that 7% of Americans have ended a relationship on Valentine’s Day? The last thing you want to do is be part of that statistic, so it’s only natural that you try to impress your valentine. But what if it’s too late and you already screwed up?

Fear not, we have great dating advice for men that is sure to rescue a tarnished Valentine’s Day. Get ready to redeem yourself in new and creative ways.

Let’s get started.

1. Write a Heartfelt Letter

It may seem a little strange to write a letter, especially in the modern area when everything is digital, but that is exactly why it’s such a great idea! No one writes letters anymore; they scribble something in a greeting card and call it a day. Since you’re trying to redeem yourself, you’ll need to put in some extra effort.

Grab a large piece of paper and begin writing. Start with a profound apology, add in moments of reminiscing, and include tons of compliments. Make it extra special by folding it into a personalized envelope and pairing it with a huge box of chocolates.

2. Find the Fanciest Restaurant

There’s always something fun about getting dressed up and going to a great restaurant. If you didn’t do such a great job on Valentine’s Day, make it up to your loved one by finding the fanciest restaurant in town. Be sure to go all out and buy new outfits for both of you.

Are they not the fancy restaurant type? Then it’s time to think back to all the places they wanted to try; maybe you can plan a small staycation nearby and try out a new amazing restaurant.

3. Double the Flowers

If you screwed up on Valentine’s Day, why not redeem yourself by doubling up on gifts? Get your special someone double the chocolate, double the gifts, and double the flowers!

Not sure how to find the best gifts to make your sweetheart happy? Check out this article from for some insight. Trust us, this is not only great college dating advice for men, but it is also great dating advice for men over 30!

4. Plan Something Unconventional

Not planning dinner reservations or a thoughtful gift might actually work to your advantage. Take this as an opportunity to plan an unconventional and fun date that is sure to impress.

This is when you get to show off how well you know your partner. If they’re athletic, then you can book an indoor skydiving session or go hiking. Maybe they’re a big fan of movies, stay in and do a horror movie marathon—complete with all types of delicious snacks.

It may not be what they expected, but that’s what makes it so great.

5. Pop the Big Question

The last bit of advice to rescue your Valentine’s Day is high-risk but high-reward. You could take this opportunity to plan a proposal! Transform your living space into a romantic oasis or find a park that your date loves and get ready to pop the big question.

If they’ve been waiting for a proposal, you’re sure to make them forget about your previous screw-ups (at least for a moment).

Dating Advice for Men: Valentine’s Day Redemption

It’s easy to forget important holidays, especially when you’re occupied by work. Did you happen to screw up on Valentine’s Day? It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Instead of promising to do better next year, redeem yourself by following our dating advice for men. You’ll get out of this one unscathed and learn a valuable lesson about setting reminders.

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