3 Foods That Surprisingly Contain Gluten

Gluten is a complex protein found primarily in wheat, rye, barley, and (to a lesser extent) oats. In fact, it is contraindicated only for people suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance), however, in the wake of dietary trends of the last 5 years, people without this disease also refuse it. Therefore, it is important for many people to know which foods contain gluten.

There is a widespread belief that gluten interferes with normal digestion and causes various health problems. Everyone knows that some cereals contain gluten. However, there are a few products where we absolutely don’t expect to see it.

Soy sauce

Soybeans do not seem to contain gluten, so where would it come from? However, if you don’t make soy sauce at home (which is unlikely), you have no idea what it might contain.

Wheat is often added to the sauce to give it a pleasant consistency and look.

If you decide to order sushi, it is better to buy the soy sauce yourself (after reading the label and making sure that there is no wheat in it), rather than using the one that comes with the order.


In general, there is no gluten in dairy products and there cannot be any, so if you buy homemade cheese, there is nothing to worry about. But excessive concern for the figure can play a bad joke.

Low-fat (or completely fat-free) cheeses are often supplemented with additional ingredients, which may include wheat.

This is done to improve the taste and appearance of the product. The same is true about blue cheese. So be careful.

Chocolate bars

Here’s another unexpected turn of events. The amount of added sugar in your favorite Snickers isn’t likely to surprise you, but the potential gluten content is for sure unexpected.

In order for the bar to retain its appetizing appearance and shape, a huge number of ingredients are added to it, among which there may be a product containing gluten. In addition, gluten particles can get there accidentally.

Conscientious manufacturers usually write on the label that “the product may contain traces of gluten”, but, unfortunately, we cannot be sure of the good will of all manufacturers.

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