Best Sex Lasts 7 to 13 Minutes

A recent study has found, that the best sex should last 7 to 13 minutes. Researchers have interviewed a large number of men and women about the ideal duration of sexual intercourse. The following data were obtained during the study published at “Journal of Sexual Medicine”. It occurs, that sex lasting less than 3 minutes is considered as too short, while more than 13 minutes of sex are regarded to as too long.

7 to 13 minutes were rated as most “desirable” length of time of sex.

So, maybe, a great sex all night long is only a myth? And it means, that one could fully satisfy their sexual partner with only three minutes of sex? After having read these data one automatically poses the following question: were the respondents, who took part at the research, able to estimate the length of time of sex correctly? And in general, who is able to watch the time, when having sex?

Anyway, each couple so to say elaborates their own, “effective” duration of sex, as well as sexual positions they like most and that bring maximum satisfaction. I hope, you and your sexual partner have already found them and enjoy a great sex.

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