8 Signs a Woman Needs Sex

A common point of view that women, unlike men, can perfectly manage without sex is utterly false. Even if the ladies were able to overcome the desire, the lack of sexual contact would still be evident from their appearance and behavior. What exactly reveals a spinster? And why do women need sex?


Let’s draw a portrait of a “perfect” female stranger, who has deliberately deprived herself of some carnal pleasures:

  • Sleepy (due to the lack of natural sedative – the hormone oxytocin, which is pumped into the blood during orgasm – a woman can toss and turn at night for a long time).
  • Looking old (collagen that is produced in case of regular sexual intercourses makes the skin smooth and silky).
  • With inflammations on the skin (progesterone that is produced during sex eliminates acne on the face), sagging breasts and flabby muscles (in fact, it is clear why).

Now let us remember how a spinster behaves:

  • Breaks down on others (no endorphins affect her perception of the world).
  • Often takes painkillers (if she had sex more often, she would not have to do it – oxytocin and estrogen kill pain).
  • She is constantly sick (intimacy increases the amount of antiviral antibodies by 30%).
  • Regularly forgets everything (sex oxygenates the blood, which then enters the brain, which improves memory and the acquisition of new knowledge).
  • Dissatisfied with herself (whether you like it or not, the lack of sex affects women’s self-esteem).

Do you think you’re tired and you do not get enough sleep? No, you just need some sex!

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