7 Ways to Break up & Stay Enemies

Revenge, reproaches, violent scandals – this is not a complete list of ways to end a relationship so that the ex-boyfriend will hate you. For those who like to spoil the impression of themselves, we have compiled a detailed guide on how break up and stay enemies.


Of course, you should take these recommendations as bad advice and act exactly the opposite, because it is much nicer and more useful to part as friends, not enemies. It is not necessary to communicate with the former lover after the breakup. The main thing is peace in your soul. People may never see each other again, but if you let mutual hatred live in your soul, it will destroy you and your former partner gradually and imperceptibly.

1. Breaking up through sms or social networks

Firstly, this act will offend your partner. Most men see this gesture as disrespect. Someone even think it offensive. Secondly, a message can never become a full stop in a relationship – be sure that claims and reproaches will follow. If this relationship meant something to your partner, he will insist on a meeting or a conversation. No relationship was broken after one sms. Therefore, you will still need to explain why you decided to break up. It is better to do it in a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Lying about the reasons for breaking up

Your deception will be revealed very quickly – when you start discussing your breakup. Besides, lying at breakup is an abuse. Breaking up is unpleasant in itself, while breaking up through a lie is a reason to hate someone who is lying. After this, you will not be able to stay friends.

3. Starting a row or hysterics

A big row instead of a goodbye is a great way to put an end to any good relationship that you might have with your ex. Of course, sometimes it seems it impossible to hold your tongue: most of us have not enough endurance and self-control for unpleasant conversations on important topics. Besides, breaking up is a big stress. However, you need to pull yourself together. One row will not cross out everything good that was before (if there was much good), but it will help to finish the relationship. After all, if a woman can offer nothing but a quarrel, maybe her partner did it right to break up with her?

4. Involving third parties

Some women try to put the matter in someone else’s hands and ask their friends or the BF’s parents to convince him not to leave her. This idea is doomed to failure. If something went wrong in a relationship, and one clearly realizes that he/she no longer wants to be with the other one, third parties will not solve anything. On the contrary, attempts to make the partner stay through his own friends or loved ones show a strong dependence and an internal breakdown. It looks very unattractive and will hardly return the feelings. You may, on the contrary, convince the partner that he is doing right.

5. Revenge

Surprisingly, many women prefer to take revenge on their ex and use it as a reason for breakup. Very often, women do so when they have been betrayed by their beloved: they betray “in response”, and then tell the abuser about this proudly. Such an act can erase all possible good relationships after breaking up, but it will bring more harm to the woman. We must remember that the desire for revenge is a devastating feeling, like hatred, because they are connected. Your revengeful sex may be a little prick to the former partner and bring you a lot more heartache.

Another case is revenge after breaking up: the limits are set only by the wronged woman’s imagination. A spoiled car is the most modest deed. However, such tricks will not make you better in the man’s eyes.

By the way, a typical method of female revenge is to scratch or break the ex-lover’s car.

6. Exasperating his new passion with calls and threats

Men are, to put it mildly, a little afraid of the women who behave inappropriately after breaking up. If you call and threaten his new passion, the man will think you are off the screw. There can be no friendship or even normal relationship after that. Most often, the man changes his phone number, feeling incredibly relieved to have broken up with such an insane woman. Do you need such a reputation?

7. Denying your fault

People never break up because of only one person, usually both are to blame. The behavior of one person entails hurtful words of the other one, and so they form a single chain, which gradually leads to rupture. It would be extremely unfair to deny your own guilt completely, pinning the responsibility for all the bad things that happened between you on your partner. it is better to find strength and ask for forgiveness than to claim that he is a loser, and that’s why things did not work out between you.

How to break up the right way?

If you decide that the relationship ended, you need at least to have an honest talk with your partner about your feelings. In the end, you dated a live person, not a thing, and he has a right to know when and what went wrong. You should feel when it is best to talk. Try to be sincere. Typically, it happens when the relationship becomes unbearable. If you understand exactly that you can no longer be together – leave. However, do not burn the bridges through dirty scandals, accusations, humiliation, revenge, and other nonsense. Do not leave behind memories of the negative, do not let this madness overwhelm you. Accept the fact that everything changes for the better, and everyone is our teacher. Sometimes people come back to each other through the years. It is better to leave positive memories about yourself, who knows how things will turn? Life is unpredictable, and our every action affects the future.

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