10 Jobs Often Leading to a Breakup

Few periods in life are apt to be so stressful as when a couple is heading for a divorce. The tearing up of a bond that implies a high level of mutual emotions and commitment cannot be easy. The ties that were initiated when people were in love and united in passion can hold for a long time, even if lovers who tied the knot did it too hurriedly. Time is needed to get to know each other better, to find out what issues the two may have to face when they embark on their life together.


A common reason for the dissolution of a marriage is the rise of communication problems between the husband and the wife. Financial issues often come into the conflict as each spouse tries to put forward his or her approach to managing the family budget. The couple may begin to feel insecure because of each other’s questionable behaviors. Finally, they may develop a notion that their spouse has failed to live up to their expectation.

Nevertheless, all these relationship issues can be settled and the marriage salvaged if both spouses set about it seriously.

The process of putting the marriage back on the track, however, can be hampered by profession-related circumstances of one of the spouses. Conflicts may arise out of low wages, an untypical schedule that makes it difficult for the couple to share quality time, a strong temptation to cheat with colleagues or clients. There are professions which are apt to undermine marriage and show very high rates of divorce. Listed here are ten of them which pose a real threat to marriages in the US, leading in the divorce rates – although, of course, it doesn’t mean that they must necessarily be destructive to any marriage with a person of this profession and must be regarded as a red signal!


Since housekeeper’s job involves looking after most of the activities of a house, it is practically tantamount to the functions of a wife. The job can extend far beyond a common working day and leave the person very little time for his or her own family. The inadequate salary, the limitless working day, the necessity to be at beck and call of the employer leading to a decrease of self-esteem all join to cause inner tension and strained relations within their marriage. As it grows on the housekeeper’s spouse that he (or she) is left alone both in terms of spending their free time and doing house chores at home, they get more and more disgruntled and may start thinking about divorce.


It may seem kind of contradictory that psychologists and psychiatrists – the very people who are so well equipped to solve marital problems – run a high rate of divorces. But, on the other hand, professional psychologists are bound to look on their partners like they were their patients and try to deal with their problems without realizing they’re in the picture just as much as their significant others are. Moreover, psychologists’ special skills allow them to influence and manipulate other people, so the spouse can get to feel uncomfortable about that and get suspicious of their experienced partner. Another probable threat to healthy relationship is, as psychologists and psychiatrists get to know a lot about their patients, it may embroil them too deeply into other people’s situations to the detriment of their own marriage.

Waiter or waitress

Waiters and waitresses have to serve too many people during their working hours. They are obliged to treat customers kindly, be patient with their tantrums and, in case of waitresses, even flirt a little – apart from it being their working condition, they can get good tips for maintaining this posture. Yet it is highly stressful to serve so many different clients and stay unceasingly deferential. Added strain is provided by having to spend all day on their feet, taking an endless string of orders, dealing with arising problems and rudeness on part of customers. Little wonder then that after such working days these people can hardly be up to sorting out issues at their homes.


People who are in the public eye – actors and actresses, musicians, athletes, and suchlike – have an army of fans who play a significant part in their lives. They are always around wanting autographs, souvenirs, attention, and often go to great lengths to win small favors. Such display of affection and adoration can distract celebrities to an extent where they start to neglect their partners. Another source of problems is celebrities’ tight schedules combined with long travels. It all results in their spouses being left to themselves most of the time – left to the hard choice of either putting up with that sorry state of things or demanding attention (which is not dignified, irritating and probably creating a mess for their illustrious partners’ commitments). What’s more, celebs are constantly getting relationship offers, some of which are rather tempting, and it takes a deal of staying power to remain with a person you love instead of entering into relationship with someone you hardly know.


Any marriage will wane quickly once the spouses’ time together dwindles to insignificancy. It often happens because of irregular working hours, a full schedule or mere neglect. As for irregular and inconvenient schedules, caregivers and nurses are about the worst sufferers in the world. Not only that, their working days are filled with dealing with pain, stresses, excessive demands, death in the worst cases. All these make a nurse or a caregiver a difficult partner who is likely to depend on his or her spouse for understanding and keeping up the spirit of the marriage. There may be cases when special benefits demanded from a nurse or a caregiver can endanger their marriage commitment. Such a profession requires maintaining awareness of the importance of the existing relationship even under the pressure of professional obligations.

Worker at a tobacco or food factory

While with many professions marriage problems arise from their exposure to casual extra-marital sex, frustration often plays a crucial role in the health of a marriage – and this is the stumbling block for factory workers. These professionals are heavily burdened with long working hours, monotonous job duties which are far from being well-paid. They return home tired and disaffected, without enough time, energy, and money to enable them to bring pleasure and excitement into their and their spouses’ lives. Consequently, the relationship begins to crumble, and as issues come up, both sides can have neither patience nor willingness to cope with them: it seems easier to file for a divorce.

Worker at a gaming institution

Workers in the gaming industry are also among those whose marriage life is often filled with strain. They work at racetracks, in casinos, with slot machines, supervising games, taking bets, doing numerous services. In their work they regularly deal with people who, wanting to splurge, can offer them payment for private services which are beyond what the institution has to offer. The more attractive they are, the more exposed they can be to winners who, having raked in money, are on the lookout for other kinds of excitement. It’s true that many of these professionals are able to stay faithful to their important others, but the general atmosphere of their work certainly provides them with plenty of temptation coming their way on a daily basis.

Masseur or masseuse

What can be better than, upon the end of the working day, stretch yourself out at a spa and yield yourself to a masseur or masseuse’s expert hands. This delightful experience makes for a strain on your – and the professional’s – fidelity due to the physical contact involved. This oil rubbing, body massaging and the general sensation of feeling on top of the world can make you feel extremely emotional. It ought to be different with your masseur because he does the same to many people in a row every day – but if your attraction happens to be reciprocated, you can get embroiled in an affair at the blink of an eye, causing jealously both in your and the professional’s family. When people first become romantically engaged, they hardly think that it can end in divorce, but it is a highly likely conclusion.


We all know all the issues involved in the job of a bartender from a first-hand experience, don’t we? A bar can hardly be considered to rank among the range of healthy places for a married person. People go there to get sozzled, enter into a drunken wrangle, act like there’s no tomorrow and take somebody home for sex. Working in this environment means getting into situations that hold out a lot of temptation many times a day. However faithful a bartender wants to remain to her or his partner, the possibilities for casual relationships are so abundant that even a trustworthy professional can slip. In addition, neither the wages nor the working schedule is very conducive to a happy family life. Reasons for divorce can spring at any time.


What we see on the stage is not always reflexive of what can actually be happening to artists! While we enjoy a good dancing show thinking how well the performers put it across, the dancers themselves may be tied up in knots over the difficulties their work creates for their personal commitments. Some of dances are very erotic, and having to get through the motions with dancing partners arouses unwelcome emotions that are not always welcome. Besides, people from the audience begin to feel like joining in, which adds yet more emotional confusion. Whereas dancers themselves may respect fidelity and marriage, their partners and spouses may harbor jealousy and suspicions that can bring about divorce.

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