Kitchen Interior Makes You Eat More

According to the results of the study published by the British edition of Daily Mail, kitchen interiors in modern apartments are increasingly becoming the cause of extra kilos and obesity. The authors believe that kitchen design can encourage the consumption of excess calories.


Researchers say that there is some connection between the design of a modern kitchen and centimeters on our waist. According to them, fashionable and popular items in the apartment kitchen interior cause persistent association with the consumption of food. Trying to have a kitchen designed according to the today’s canons, its owners do not realize that it can force them to eat more.

For example, fancy large plates of the restaurant type look beautiful, but they force us to increase the portions. A similar influence is produced by a large modern fridge, where people tend to store more food than is objectively necessary.

The researchers believe that certain impact on people’s psychology and the amount of calories eaten is achieved even due to the lighting in the kitchen and its colors. For example, the use of bright colors in the kitchen design helps produce stress hormones that stimulate excessive appetite and do not let a person feel satiation. Bright shades of red or orange are especially provocative in this respect.

A kitchen designed in warm shades of yellow may also contribute to overeating, experts say. In particular, these colors cause the increased production of gastric juice.

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