5 Secrets of a Happy Relationship

Today we will share with you the male perspective on the problem of happiness in relationships and ways of solving it. So how do you become happy in a relationship? There are five tips for women.


1. Get Rid of Illusions

Women like to complain about male immaturity. Actually, there are a lot of infantile ladies too. They want to have a “real” relationship with a man as quickly as possible, to live with him (preferably in his apartment), but then it turns out that what they are good at is existing in the world of far-fetched ideas. They may not be able to cook, they do not know how to pay the rent, but they know what a man should be like.

A female sign of immaturity is when a lady thinks that she deserves someone better and believes in her illusions. A woman says she feels like a food processor, a rubber doll, a locomotive that drags everything, and sometimes even the bank where the money is taken from. She falls into a depression and thinks about divorce. This would not happen if the woman took life and people as they are. People who have no illusions realize that most conventional marriages are a painstaking job. Not many people can enjoy hard work.

2. Learn to Be Happy with What You Have

A woman once had a quarrel with her husband and told him to get out of the house. After he had left, she began to think. She recreated the memories of her past life in her mind, and it suddenly occurred to her that the acquaintance with her future husband probably had been the best event in her life, if to consider all the pros of it. Sometimes it is useful to remind ourselves that the relationship should not be taken for granted; it must be accepted as a gift of fate. If some women were able to appreciate what they have, it would help them be more thankful to the nearest person for his feelings.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

A lot of modern women have a paramount desire to prove their worth to others. Perhaps this is due to the fact that women themselves more and more often grow in single-parent families. In addition, the society, television and advertising aggressively impose certain standards of success.

If a woman adjusts to existing according to some standards, it becomes more difficult for her to tolerate shortcomings, imperfections, errors – in general, everything that a normal life is full of. In a relationship with a man, it is revealed as follows: a woman tries to make a mountain out of every molehill. In your opinion, how long will such a relationship last?

4. Don’t Lie to Your Man & to Yourself

33% of divorced women called dissimilarity of characters and different views on life the cause of divorce. If women had been initially honest with men and with themselves, this percentage would have been much lower. According to women, they want clarity in men’s intentions. The problem is that in many cases it’s a lie. Clarity and evidence of men’s intentions are often reduced to the desire to have a relationship with a woman, varying in its degrees of intimacy but without any obligations. Especially if a man is young, or if he has already had a bad experience in the past, or if his relationship has just begun.

Women are not satisfied with such truth. If their main goal is marriage, they are ready to pave their way to it in any possible way. And instead of admitting to herself honestly whether this is the person with whom she would like to live to be old, and if they have the same plans for future life with the partner, the woman pretends not to notice any discrepancies. A few years later, she will say that the relationship started out fine, but then the man turned into a helpless, boring and lazy creature that has taken root on a couch and is engaged only in opening another bottle of beer. And the least thing she can do is to begin to hate him.

5. Don’t Hurry up

As it often happens among women, she sees a beautiful blouse, she feels inspired, buys it, brings it home… and the blouse is slowly fading away in the closet since then. There is nothing to wear it with, there is nowhere to go to, a woman just does not want it any more – she is not in the mood. In general, it is a useless purchase, a waste of money, the result of a hasty and spontaneous decision. Very often this is how women behave in a relationship. Haste in actions and words brings harm to the relationship. So if you cannot wait to tell your partner all the insulting words you have on your mind, take a break. In a relationship, which seems dear to you, such a desire disappears quickly.

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