The 4 Biggest Signs He Likes You

By Nick Bastion / Vixen Daily

I get a lot of questions from women about how to tell whether a guy likes them or not.

I know you’re anxious to find out how he feels about you, so I’m going to cut straight to the chase:

Here are the drop dead giveaway signs a guy likes you:

1. He Spends Time With You

This is the biggest, the best, the most important, the most undeniable, and the most crucial.
If a guy likes you – he’s going to be around you. He’s going to make time in his schedule to spend time with you. He’s going to make an effort to make plans with you.

Unless we’re talking about a long distance, international relationship where he can’t spend time with you because he’s posted to a research station in Antarctica, he’s going to make an effort to spend time with you.


Because it feels good to him! Guys are simple – they want to spend more time doing things that feel good in the moment, and less time doing things that feel bad in the moment.

If he likes you, it’s going to feel good to him to spend time with you – and he’s going to want to do it. If he’s not spending time with you, that’s a huge sign he doesn’t like you.

2. He Reaches Out To You First

This one is closely tied in with the first sign. If he’s not reaching out to you to make plans – he’s probably not interested.

Guys aren’t subtle. If he really wants something (or someone), he’s going to go after it.

That means he’s going to call and text you first about hanging out. Not every time, but enough that it’s obvious he’s enthusiastic about hanging out too.

So if you’re wondering if he likes you or not, think about whether he’s contacting you first to spend time with you, catch up, or even just talk to you about your day.

3. He Remembers What You Have To Say

Guys remember things that are important to them. A guy might not remember his mom’s birthday – but still be able to name the entire starting lineup of the 2004 Red Sox.

Why? Because baseball is super important to him (and he’s probably not a very good son).

If a guy likes you – you’re going to be important to him. It comes with the territory.

So he’s going to remember the things you tell him – and be interested in learning more about you. If he pays attention to what you say, and remembers afterwards – that’s a strong sign he likes you.

4. He Treats You Special

A lot of women’s confusion about a guy’s feelings comes from meeting a guy who’s super charming, and friendly, and flirty – but who doesn’t make a move.

In fact, when a guy flirts with you it doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you – he might flirt with EVERY woman he meets.

That’s why the most important thing to look for is whether he treats you DIFFERENTLY than he treats other people. If he gives you special treatment he doesn’t give anyone else – that’s a big indicator that he’s interested in you.

But if he shamelessly flirts with everyone he comes across, then even if he was super charming about it – it’s not a good sign he likes you.

So those are the 4 biggest signs that he likes you. Looking at those – they’re all pretty obvious behaviors, right? If a friend described a guy who was giving her these signs, you would have no trouble at all telling her that he liked her.

The truth is – if a guy likes you, it’s going to be obvious he likes you. Like I said before, guys aren’t subtle. They’re not masterminds. And they’re not going to drop clues and hints.

If he likes you – you’re going to be able to sense it. So much of the anxiety about this question comes from women who WANT a guy to like them, who really deeply and passionately want it to be true… but who aren’t getting the obvious signs that he does.

Then, when they don’t get those signs, they can’t accept the truth (that he simply isn’t that interested in her), and they start looking for “hidden” clues and signs and subtle giveaways to find his “true” feelings.
That’s where most women get in trouble – and where most of the anxiety, uncertainty, and misery come from.

So if you want to avoid all that, remember this simple truth – it’s going to be obvious if a guy likes you. If you really want him to like you – but you’re not getting the signs that he does – you’re way better off letting go rather than looking for hidden clues that he secretly does.

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