20 Interesting Dating Facts

What are men afraid of? At what stage of the relationship most of the breakups occur? How much does a Manhattan matchmaker cost? Where and how should you get acquainted? If you’re too shy to come up to a guy in a bar or club, opt for online dating. And when choosing the site, make use you check out some useful dating sites reviews first. All the most interesting facts about dating and relationships are presented in the form of statistics, surveillance, and research.

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  1. Most people break up on their 3rd to 5th month of the relationship.
  2. Couples exchange keys to their apartments after 12-14 dates.
  3. Speed dating, invented by a rabbi from Los Angeles in 1999, is based on the Jewish tradition of matchmaking.
  4. Women who post photos on dating sites receive twice as many messages than women who do not. Men who report income of more than $250 thousand a year, receive 156% more emails than those whose annual income is $50 thousand.
  5. If a man does not know what to wear on a date, he should wear blue. Studies have shown that women prefer men in blue.
  6. 92% of single parents prefer to start relationships with single parents like themselves.
  7. A person’s attractiveness is estimated in the first few seconds of acquaintance.
  8. The services of a Manhattan matchmaker cost 20 thousand dollars. In case the deal ends in a marriage, she gets a bonus in addition to this amount.
  9. In the world of online dating women are most afraid of meeting a serial killer, and men are scared to meet a fat woman.
  10. A survey of 50,000 single people revealed that 43% of the respondents consider the most important thing on the first date to be fresh breath; 17% name stylish clothes, 15% – a sexy fragrance, 14 % – good skin and 10% – beautiful hair.
  11. According to researchers, schools, universities, cafes and shopping centers are the best places to flirt, as this is where people are most inclined to communicate.
  12. Happy people go on dates more often than people dissatisfied with their lives.
  13. Studies have shown that happiness is contagious, and it is more difficult to say goodbye to a happy man than to a miserable one – you will want to see him/her again and again.
  14. Men are afraid of large women companies. Therefore, if a woman wants to start dating, she should separate from the company and give the man an opportunity to get closer to her.
  15. Body language studies have shown that the demonstration of hidden body areas – ankles, the inside of the wrists and calves, feet, and back of the neck – make a strong impression on men.
  16. If you want to establish contact immediately on the first date, call a man by his first name at least two times – this is a manifestation of attention and interest.
  17. A women survey showed that they can not stand acne, bad nails, belching, missing teeth, bad breath, hairy nostrils and men’s nipples showing through clothes.
  18. When a man sees a woman for the first time, 55 % of his impression is based on appearance, 38% – on the manner of communication and only 7% – on what exactly she says.
  19. If a woman is interested in a man, she squirms on her chair during the date, winds her hair on her finger, blushes from compliments and touches his body as if accidentally.
  20. If a woman is not interested, she avoids eye contact, gives one-word answers and fake smiles or does not smile at all, taps her foot and constantly looks at her watch.
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