19 Truths about a Single Woman

At times you may enjoy your single status, at other times you may be longing for a new relationship in your life, but meanwhile some habits of leading a single life are growing on you. Would you be interested to check out how many of them you already acquired (or indulged in when you were single) and what behaviors can become yours if you remain longer in the status? Or – learn just how typical your single BFF is.


You have pictured yourself living with your friend’s husband

You know about their married life first-hand, and you believe you know just how you would have acquitted yourself better if…

You think every first date calls for a set of new clothes even when you have what to choose from

Of course the guy is not expected to comment on it, but shopping makes the first date twice the fun it is!

As your friend and her unworthy boyfriend step on a shaky ground, you feel gratified

You wouldn’t be excited over the prospect of their breakup if you considered him to be a good partner for her, but as it is, you can’t but feel she would be better off single – like yourself.

You find Tinder a pretty good entertainment

Your disappointment in its possibilities deepens, yet it’s in a way irresistible, and you enjoy placing judgments on those you come across there.

Your body hair is getting on without your attention

While you are not going to undress for sex, who cares about this trifling matter?

You have visited wedding boards and probably have your eye on a couple of wedding dresses already

You’re not going to remain single for all your life, it will be a necessary purchase one day, so why not gloat over some fine dresses even if there’s no Mr. Right on the horizon?

You are not sure about your real attitude to being single

You realize and appreciate the great advantages of being on your own, although it doesn’t deter you from experiencing the burning desire to fall head over heels in love.

When your friend speaks of a man you don’t know, you start to wonder if he’s single

Your friend is telling you quite an interesting story, but she could make it thrice as interesting if she told you from the start that her colleague is free and handsome.

You strike up devoted friendships with other partnerless women

The boon of it will be particularly obvious when one of your other friends has split up with her boyfriend.

You yell out single girl songs as you take a shower

That’s when it feels especially great, right? Sing your heart out!

You adore all those mushy love songs

While you are waving your banner with “single” written on it, you want your heart strings to be touched and touched again.

There are days when you get half a dozen sudden crushes

This is one great thing about being single: you are free to eye and consider every man who comes around, all the time, anywhere – on the train, in the gym, in a café. The whole male world is open for your consideration.

Your male friends have long been weighed and rated as dates in necessity

You know who of them you will ask to accompany you on any festive occasion where you wouldn’t like to turn up alone.

You go to sleep stretching yourself all across your bed

You revel in this luxurious occupation of undisputed bedding space.

You toss out zingers to all those stupid questions they always ask without thinking

Don’t you really dream of being set up? Did you try to find a date online? Is there someone you secretly like? You can return a dazzling answer to all of them in your stride.

You have every right to be the laziest person breathing when you feel like it

You have a whole evening before you when you can unwind in any way you fancy – quite unlike your relationship-downweighed friends who are obliged to discuss, depend and compromise before they embark on their free time.

You feel light-hearted and free when you hear your friends out on the subj of partner problems

It’s a shame they should be going through all this – yet you can’t help feeling relieved that you’re not involved in the mess.

You miss out on the point when men begin to flirt with you

You feel so free and unattached that you have grown to disregard the advances. You get slower on the uptake.

The appeal of casual sex is never quite out of your mind – will it be worth it?

Sex is all right, but you can’t shake yourself free of the misgivings about the strings attached. If you could know exactly what you are going to let yourself in for…

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