15 Surprising Things Women Find Hot about Men

A man can never be certain what it is in him that will catch the eye of a woman coming by. Aside from popular and well-known features that are considered to be winning, there are things that may seem fairly odd, but which are sure to draw interest. Women won’t fall into clearly defined categories, each of them has her own notion of what is attractive in a man. Some of these draws even gained their adherents funny names like pognophiles (those who fall for beards) or stigmatophiles (ones who fall for tattoos). So, there can’t be too much information on this exciting subject.


You will find some good ideas here, drawn from a recent survey embracing women under 30 and various studies on the subject. Yes, it is so nice when a flame springs up straightaway without your doing anything much about it, but it never hurts to know a thing or two how to spur the process on.

So, here you will find 15 features you may not have thought of which are regarded as attractive.

A pleasant smell

It’s not about spraying yourself all over with a carefully-chosen brand of cologne. It has to do with your body’s natural smell, although, on the other hand, we won’t advocate missing on your shower to accentuate mother nature in your armpits. The notion is rather more scientific than just relying on the strength of your smell!

What is really attractive is the smell of pheromones in your body. Certainly, not all pheromones are related to sexual arousal, yet women sit up and take notice once they sense them. Before they realize it, they react positively to the emanation. Still, you better make sure you are clean: there is androstenol which is released by freshly-broken sweat and generally regarded to be fetching, but when you have sweated for a longish time exposed to oxygen (like after a gym workout without shower), you emit androsteone which is not so exciting! Mind with you it’s the first one rather than the second.

Well-groomed facial hair

The great thing for a man is not so much to have facial growth as to keep it perfectly trimmed (or trimmed in an interesting way). There is a study focusing on the attractiveness of different forms of beards, where participants were asked to assess the looks of a number of men each wearing a different shape of beard. The results show that when the majority of men around are clean shaven, women are apt to find stubble and a beard a catching feature, while among a crowd of bearded men a clean-shaven one will stand out advantageously.

Well, this is not very inspiring, because you can never tell how many bearded men will be around when you spot a gorgeous female. So, look for a way to cut it both ways, like grow a stubble and trim it – or, if you are fond of your beard, make sure it is neat and groomed. As an interviewee said, since girls go to lots of pains to turn themselves out before they go out, they feel gratified when they see that a man also gave a thought about his appearance.

A toothy smile

You must be aware of the importance of your dental health for your overall appearance. Bad teeth can ruin everything just like good teeth can make up for less conspicuous flaws and blemishes. What’s more, teeth are strongly linked with general health, therefore if your teeth are not up to the mark people are likely to suspect that there are many things wrong with you. If you’re out to charm people, oral hygiene should be a must with you.

Then, your smile, the mighty first-stage weapon with which you can make a girl’s heart turn! While you may be trying other images on, appearing poetically melancholic, reserved or mysterious, you would do well to keep a genuine, flashy smile ready for use: as long as you keep the woman smiling in return, she is sure to want to prolong rubbing shoulders with such a nice guy!

Shining eyes


It may be more difficult – actually, quite problematic – to get the desired kind of eyes, this is definitely not meant as advise to go altering your biology. Also, don’t try to achieve the effect by overshooting the mark with your eyeliner. Rely on what you’ve got and put a little training into throwing sexy looks, if anything. Nevertheless, there are some hints how to fare better with your eyes when you expect to charm.

To begin with, if you are going to make for the bar, better lay off the weed joint – you risk coming in with eyes that will be far from shining and welcoming. You may even get bloodshot eyes which won’t be considered nice at all!

Then, some men rely on smoldering looks, darting them from under heavy eyelids in an attempt to come across a dramatic and mysterious personality. Well, it may do the trick at times, but widely open eyes will give your face a vulnerable, sincere look, showing women you are reliable and trustworthy.

Impressive bags

While practically all women tote handbags, with men it’s only about 50% who go about with bags most of the time. And if all of the women‘s bags are careful to pick the right bag that would fit in with their outfits, only 11% of men try to choose a stylish bag to go along with their overall image. Now that’s too little a number, why don’t you guys give more consideration to your accessories?

A bag has tales to tell, giving its owner away. A man carrying a briefcase is likely to be a business-minded go-getter. A busy person with an academic bent will move around with a messenger bag. Men who still use their college-days old weathered backpack are lazy or boyish. So, the bag you buy carries a message, and you can go some way with a nice, well-chosen bag. It’s a good investment both in business and romance!

Passion in conversation

Politeness and consideration will make many men more reserved in conversation than they usually are. They think if they add feeling to what they are saying, they may look somewhat ridiculous and excitable. However, there are good reasons not to suppress your emotions and give them vent: the woman is interested in what makes you passionate. Probably it’s not easy to open up to a woman about the things you are keen on, especially if you haven’t known her for long, but it is just what can hook her and make her want to talk more. Then again, she may feel like opening up to you in return, and you will find things in common in the first hour together. There is something in moving fast!

Shapely hands


All through the relationship, from the first acquaintance to getting hot between the sheets, hands are allotted an important role, and women check men’s hands as they’re getting their impressions of the man together. So, you can count she has already studied your hands, and when you flag the waiter, she is looking to see how you move. Every woman dreams of a man who is both tough and sensitive, hard and tender, playful and practical, and your hands tell them a lot about your nature.

Besides, hands can recount the story of your life. Dry and reddish, they give out that the owner is accustomed to hard labor and doesn’t give much thought to caring for his hands, knowing they will be put to work soon anyway. Fingernails that are not even with torn cuticles may indicate a nervous person who can attack his nails with teeth when flustered. Your attitude to personal hygiene is easily read from the condition of your hands, so why not get a good manicure and see your hands and fingernails stay cared for?

Shapely eyebrows

Not many men remember to keep their eyebrows groomed. Somehow, even if the beard and hair get their share of attention, eyebrows tend to get left out of the picture. Why should they? Actually, they can become overgrown and lend your face a disheveled look when you least expect it. Women keep their eyebrows trimmed so they are bound to notice yours if they mar your overall appearance!

So, consider going to the nearest storefront and have your eyebrows waxed – it’s the quickest way to display cared-for ones. But why not purchase an Aldo or Ulta brow maintenance kit and teach yourself to work on your untended hair shaping them the way you like most?

Clean nice hair

There are no hard and fast rules about hair: different women prefer different colors, hairstyles, some fall for absence of hair. But what you can do to ensure that your hair adds sexual attractiveness to your image is keep it clean. If a woman is ever critical about men’s hair, it has to do with its healthy look rather than the hairdo. Split ends, long time no cut, unwashed hair get noticed at once. Complaints about hair which is not soft and prickly mean that it doesn’t get conditioned as often as it should. Think about what sort of hair you would like your girlfriend to have, and set about achieving such an effect on your head.

Consider changing your shampoo (especially if you habitually buy cheap brands) and find a trusted brand with a nice smell. It doesn’t have to be a designer one. Get shampoo that is separate from conditioner, study the usage directions, and observe the difference! You want women to love to touch your hair, don’t you?

Maintaining eye contact


Casual eye contacts are considered to be a bad taste by our society, so that many people look away hastily when they meet another person’s eye. Also, as your nerves begin to play up, you avert your eyes and stare into space. Try to keep your eyes fixed on the woman’s face anyway – a longer-than-usual eye contact can create a deep understanding between you two, and you will feel drawn to one another not only sexually, but emotionally.

If the woman sees that you are all right about keeping up eye contact with her, she believes that you are trusting and vulnerable – which is a quality that is regarded as sexy and very welcome in a strong relationship. The earlier you do it to the woman, the stronger the effect may be.

Now, imagine that you see a gorgeous woman in the opposite side of the room that is looking at you. Your instinct may prompt you to look away – check it and, fixing her look, smile. Now both of you know that you want to meet one another, it will be much easier to start talking.

Showing it when you are awkward

We have come to the point when we all know the rules of the game inside out, and everyone abides by them. We throw hints at sex in the offing, we avoid coming across too strong, we keep in check our quaint mannerisms. So we put on a cool façade and run through all the tricks seeing which ones work better in each given case.

Whereas, if the truth be told, we aren’t so confident and cool – and the other person knows it, too. So, when somebody we are talking with suddenly goes all awkward and tries to struggle through his clumsy moment, the lady feels like she could also forget about defenses and move into the territory where games are no longer played. There is a chance such people can feel perfectly comfortable with the other around.



Here’s a little experiment for you: when on the subway or commuting, whip out a book and dig in. After a while look up and see if there is a woman who keeps an eye on you. It works even better in a bar: you’re going not to look like one out for a hunt, just whiling away your time over a drink, so you leaf through your book between the sips. There’s sure to be some girl trying to make out what it is that is so engrossing for you and whether you are in for an intellectual discussion.

The one thing is not to be overpretentious: if you grabbed a book by Emily Dickinson, you have to know who she was and that she wrote nothing like Ogden Nash. Likewise, if you picked an author that will enable you to shower your superior knowledge on the lady who got to talk to you, it will not be quite the ideal victory you want to achieve – more like a show-off, and that is not half so impressive.

Artistry in men


Men who are into art are generally thought to be responsive, sensitive, seeing everything from a different, uncommon, perspective. They can be expected to understand a lady and her situation better and faster than non-artistic men, they can give better advice and are rarely at a loss what to say or talk about. With their training, a woman can count on being perceived as a personality, and not just another sexy lady from the favorite bar. The world becomes multi-dimensional, brighter than usual, full of complex notions and – anyway, a big dose of culture in a relationship is a desirable thing for many women.

Wearing red

Red is a very impressive color; actually, you can’t lose with this tip! Not only red brings to people’s mind the notion of power; according to a study by researchers from the University of Rochester, for women red implies a high social status, coupled, naturally, with being well-off. That isn’t surprising if we recall that red and purple colors were regarded as royal in the past, leaders and emperors in many countries wearing distinctive red attire. The red carpet nowadays is tread upon by celebrities as a sign of their great success and popularity.

Although red is often associated with passion, women aren’t disposed to read sexual appeal in it, so avoid using red in order to enhance your physical charms. Remember that you are working to the point when you tear off and throw down your clothes, so any attractiveness they may have held works its spell no longer, and it’s up to you to show your passion color regardless.

Rolling your sleeves up

It’s another potent ancient association: a man with his sleeves rolled up to bare his arms looks ready to tackle anything! He produces an instant impression of efficiency, prowess and even enjoyment over what he set himself to do. He breathes confidence, manliness, and looks definitely sexy!

That sounds inspiring – so long as we don’t confuse rolled up sleeves with pulled up cuffs. There’s a world of difference between a fellow who’s sweating and smelling and pulled up his sleeves for a mite of a relief from the heat and a man dressed in a perfectly ironed shirt with sleeves neatly folded – you can even learn to do it scientifically so as to look your best. It shows your forearms to advantage and combines the impression of quiet readiness and relaxing informality.

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