Snooze Proof Alarm Ruggie

This alarm should not be put next to the pillow. Otherwise getting up from bed in the morning may be delayed. The authors of the Ruggie project suggest using their unique smart-rug, which can act as an alarm clock.


At a set time, the product will begin to produce certain sounds or melodies, and the user will need to stand up on two feet to stop it. Moreover, one should stand for at least 3 seconds to stop the device – you will not be able to fool the device stepping on it with one foot. Ruggie is made from the special foam-like material. Its shape is distorted under the weight of the human body, but it recovers the shape pretty quickly. The rug is equipped with a small screen, a timer, and a USB connection for the computer configuration of the required parameters, such as time or morning tunes.

The power supply is represented by 3 AA batteries that are expected to have 12 months of battery life. Ruggie has the size 40×60 cm. The cost of the new item on Kickstarter is $110.

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