13 Things That Instantly Catch a Woman’s Eye about a Guy

She didn’t even begin to think whether the man could be at least remotely eligible, but she already gleaned some information and arrived at first impressions about the guy she just met. If mere men have plans about that woman, they need to know that they have undergone the initial assessment and everything else, that is, their success in securing her attention depends on certain small details (disclosed in this article for those interested).


While men rely on their handsome faces and well-shaped bodies to attract female attention, they may have no notion that there are other factors responsible for their desirability. A pleasing appearance certainly works well – as a valuable addition to those things that a woman’s subconscious ticked off in favor (or as drawbacks). That must be good news for those men who believe (wrongly!) that if they are a little less than gloriously handsome, their chances with women are lower. They forget about the analytic in women, the side of the feminine nature that never sleeps.

Fine, but what exactly are those points that count in men’s favor when the analytic sets to work? Here they are for pleasant and educational reading.

The footwear

It is surely easier to examine and gage a man’s clothing, yet the first glance will go to the shoes. Unlike women, men can let their feet get soiled and dusty, which bespeaks of their slovenliness – ok, some sort of carelessness. Then again, if he has on sneakers to go with a suit, or running shoes, it is noticed and stored in memory immediately. If his shoes are becoming and neat, it would instantly create a good impression (even though for a man it is just another pair of shoes). Therefore, if you think that when walking about the town you can run into a beautiful woman, think carefully about what to put on your feet!

Being stylish

Women are so thoughtful about their appearance, they see no reason why men can’t be so too. It’s not about how much money your outfit cost you; it’s about how you can match clothes and how much style you display it. A stylish man is better than a Hollywood actor; if he knows how to make up an ensemble and his clothes are clean and cared for, he goes straight to the heart of any woman. His clothes may not be designer ones, he doesn’t have to look like a male model, but when he is accurately put together, it is a pleasure to see and a joy to realize that we are not dealing with just a grown-up boy but with a man who can turn himself out and understands that he wants to cut a fine figure.

Eyes and look

It has long been known that eyes are a reflection of the soul, so they are bound to produce a strong impression, drawing attention to themselves within the first moments of the acquaintance. The look in his eyes sends vibes that add a lot to the intercourse, and the direction of the look speaks volumes to those who read body language. Males looking downward make out to be on the timid side, not sure of themselves. Those looking away give us to understand they are bored and uninterested. If the eyes are roving, it will also be noted, and probably the owner of roving eyes will be shunned. So the general rule is to look the girl who took your fancy in the eye, plunge ahead and see what happens.

The Mouth

Men and women surely want their relationship to develop, and while they are talking they both may be considering the possibility of kissing. That means the mouth is expected to be scrupulously clean. The mouth is one of the parts that get instant attention from the woman’s inner inspector, who is sharp on the point of health and cleanliness. Lips that are dry and cracked, or those which are sore, do not provide enough attraction; if the girl does not like how you look around the mouth, she will soon bring the conversation to a close. What’s the fun if the fellow has chapped lips and ashy mouth that exudes strange smells? No hope for him of the woman he’s talking to wanting to kiss him. If you have mouth problems, make sure you have at least some gum on you.

The company he keeps

When a woman sees a man she considers even remotely eligible with his friends, she is sure to run an attentive eye to them. Both with men and with women, people who are around them can tell a lot about the person you set your sights on. In any place, in any situation, a working one or a relaxed one, women will take a good look at whoever is in the vicinity. Maybe he is with a woman, then any plans there might have been are definitely off. If he is in the company of his friends, the inner analyst rejoices. Are they on the level? Can they be relied on to be gentlemanlike? Do they seem to be a bunch of boys on the outing? How do they treat those around them? A woman collects her information from the surrounding people in no time, and a man who is among respectable dudes wins over one whose friends look an unruly crowd.

The Voice

When you are speaking, the words you say are heard, but what is regarded as a more important factor is the voice and the tone. The voice carries much about the owner’s character, and this information is quickly snatched upon by the inner analytic. What if the tone is rather high-handed – the girl feels she is spoken to and will want to walk out on the maker of rules. What if the tone is intense – she feels pressed into something and will also want to quit. A man who talks softly and quietly and gives the girl a chance to express herself creates a welcome difference, not chasing her away but making her want to stay on. Respect is there and a gentlemanly attitude.


No doubt that this is a salient point. Grooming should be something inherent in every man! Don’t hurry away, no-one’s going to ask you to follow the female habit of spending minutes and hours at grooming every blessed morning; yet when your hair and skin look properly cared for, you won’t come under the suspicion that you don’t care how other people see you. Men whose face looks groomed and well-kept are immediately singled out as those who can look after themselves and mind their appearances. A beard and stubble do not alter things, these can also be presented as carefully trimmed or simply untidy. Make sure the beard doesn’t serve as a crumb container! To conclude, a well-groomed face is better than a handsome face that bears evidence of disregard.

The body language

While a person is saying something, his body can tell the onlooker a very different story. We always speak with various parts of our body, maintaining non-verbal communication which can be translated. As soon as we get engaged in a dialogue, our body begins to say things too. A man can be very skillful with words, but his legs, arms, and torso may tell just the opposite. If his posture is not open, he has his arms crossed or his head tilted, interest is sadly lacking. If he smiles, but he does so with his lips only, without matching gestures and position, the smile is hardly sincere and has better be disregarded. Smooth talking must also be backed by smooth movements, or it is not sincere either. So be careful, knowing that all the signs your body gives will be noticed and interpreted.

The smells

The men should realize that this is one of the most significant factors, for if their smell does not attract, there is hardly anything else that will. Yes, women smell men, there’s no getting past it. Maybe a man is allowed to smell a bit wildly when he has just walked out of a gym, but in other cases please exude the small of a deodorant, several drops of men’s scent, and some after-shave lotion. This nice combination of aromas will surely make a woman take a closer look at the man who happened to walk or stand near her. On the other hand, a strong smell of unwashed body will just as surely make her want to turn and walk away as fast as she can. So, nice smells coupled with a tasteful outfit make more than half of a man’s success!

The smile

Smiling makes people attractive, it is what you can easily do to capture people’s attention. A smiling person will always stand out in the crowd of those who look serious and sober. Everyone tends to look at somebody smiling – that is why if a woman is on the lookout for a man she will opt for one who is flashing his teeth, knowing that this one ought to be fun to stay around and knows how to enjoy living. Also, smiling at a woman is a potent sign indicating that the man evinces an interest – keep smiling at the woman you like, and she will fall for you like a ton of bricks!


A crowded club, the dance floor is flooded, and yet one can make everyone turn their heads to look at him. John Travolta or Patrick Swayze comes to mind instantly. For a man just standing among other males or lounging at the bar does not catch the eye, nor is he looked upon as a cut above the rest – just one in a crowd. Activity on the dance floor first, attracts the attention of other clubbers, second, shows what kind of person you are, third, serves as an indication that the man could be as active on the bed. And if he involves the woman in active and passionate dancing instead of expecting her to take the lead, it goes for a well-spent party night at the very least – and maybe much more.

The stand

People are all approximately the same, but what is greatly different is the way they stand – and that makes the world of difference! Stand tall, that’s what the famous men did, and if you want to grab a good woman’s eye you will pay attention to how you position yourself. The woman will observe that you are slouching when talking to her as well as that you are carrying yourself proud and confident. Of course, when the man’s stand exudes vibes of strength and confidence without appearing too arrogant, it impresses any internal analytic. Men who demonstrate self-assurance and a purposeful bearing can be sure they will be singled out in a room full of other men who can be more beautiful or wealthy than those who keep their posture right.

The way you walk into a room

When a man enters the room, does he walk as if he owned it or does he slide his way in as if he expected an attack? That’s a good indication of his nature as any. Men do notice it when a woman struts in like a queen, likewise women look up when a man shows up carrying himself with grace and confidence. The man who can make his appearance felt and become a cynosure instantly shows that he is not a boy-grown-big, but a person who made himself and knows his worth. He can put all others into his shadow just with the way he steps – isn’t it something to be proud of?

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