Reasons NOT to Introduce Technology to Kids

No matter where you go, people are glued to their smartphone screens. There’s not even a single office that doesn’t have computers. Even call centers have computers. People are expected to sit at the same place and work for hours. Some people work without breaks.

No doubt technology is a blessing to the human beings; but there is a special crowd that’s badly affected by technology – the children.

Exposing children to technology

I completely understand the fact that in some way, technology is helping children. However, how logical is it for us to give a smartphone or a tablet to a crying baby? How fair is it on our part to make a baby stop crying by exposing them to the harmful screen of the laptop?

Here is a list of reasons why we must not introduce technology to children:

Children lose the spark of their life

I have personally seen children engrossed in video games and smartphone apps. They show no interest in physical activities or sports. They only sit in the corner of the room and play on their devices. It’s simple to imagine how unhealthy they will probably be when they grow up.

Technology makes children less social

If you don’t snatch technology away from your child, you won’t find them doing other important things in their life. Also, technology kills the meaning of friendship within children. You won’t find most of the children interacting with each other anymore because their best friend is their smartphone. It seems like most of the kids today are introverts. Even if they do spend 2 hours a day snapchatting with others, they are afraid of meeting people in real life and are unaware of how to behave and talk to them offline.

Technology is harmful to the eyes and brains of children

The overall development of children is hampered due to technology. Children dislike reading books and love playing games on smartphones. The reason behind this is that playing an online game is much easier than reading: you don’t need to strain yourself at all, your phone does everything for you. While when a kid is reading, his or her whole brain is working, imagining the situations described there, experiencing the feelings of the book’s heroes.

Almost gone are the days when people gifted books to children; now most of the parent’s gift smartphones and tablets to their kids as a birthday gift.

Another problem is children introduced to technology at a tender age show no interest in education. Do I need to explain this? We all know how difficult it is for parents to replace gadgets with books for their kids.

You can introduce technology to children when:

  • They are all set to take it as a part of their life and not their life as a whole
  • When they are above 12 years of age
  • When they are good in their studies and other physical activities


Technology is somewhere hampering both the physical and mental health of our future generation. If we don’t do something about it today, our future generation will never understand the meanings of relationships, friendships, physical activities, and education.

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