15 Things That Make You Irresistibly Attractive

Do you believe there are certain factors that all but guarantee your sexual charm and ability to attract partners? If you do, you are right, there are, and it is a scientifically proven fact. We habitually speak of love, but at some point love boils down to having sex in order to create progeny. It can seem that love is somewhat akin to drug playing around with your power of reasoning so you could give in to sexual desires, and the human race can go on reproducing itself.


When pairing, partners are supposed to display their best physical and psychological characteristics to produce healthy issue, as well as be complementary to one another thus allowing their children to acquire better strength.

Of course, sex is not about having children solely, and if you are out for a one night adventure, the last thing you think about is begetting a baby. Yet you inadvertently follow certain rules as set by the prevailing culture, and observe the logic of the situation.

Chemically, love has already been taken apart and described in terms of hormones such as luliberin (linked with immediate desire), testosterone (sexual drive), dopamine (feeling pleasure), endorphins (nice sensations) and oxytocin (orgasm). But, although all these factors do work in your favor, it doesn’t follow that you are able of seducing everyone you see. There are genes that don’t match, and you may not feel any desire to seduce such a person.

As always, in order to be successful one needs to be aware of the way the humankind evolves and how it works through a particular individual. So, these 15 points that are sure to make you look devilishly attractive will always come in handy!

A posh car

Women are on the lookout for men who are well off because they want their future children to be brought up in comfortable conditions – even if they can provide for them themselves, it’s nice knowing that your man is capable of that, too. So if you pick them up in a splendid car and give them nice things it hikes up your seductiveness – you loom great as a future family man. It was evident in history that it was men who asked girls out, not the other way around. These days women can be breadwinners too, and they have greater control over their body – a chance to be mutually seductive and exchange gifts can only heighten the pleasure from a relationship. Nevertheless, displaying your opulence is nice so long as it’s not only a show put up for the sake of seduction but the real thing.

A rebound catch

A person who has just separated from his or her lover makes a notoriously easy catch (as well as a notoriously unadvisable one, as all your friends will say). A breakup is followed by a depressing period with symptoms similar to those of drug withdrawal: one is dispirited, gloomy, impervious to pleasure, unable to concentrate and desperately desirous to return to the previous state of being involved in a relationship. There is but one efficacious cure for the condition: to fall in love with somebody new and start the game all over again – even if the previous relationship was far from being all sunshine. They say love on the rebound won’t last, but it may be a good jumping board enabling you to move on to better pastures.

An air of modesty

Ancient civilizations admired women’s naked beauty and considered it a natural thing at the same time; while nudity isn’t something unnatural or shameful, further development of social behavior demanded it to be covered and concealed from male sight. Paradoxically, this made women more tempting and sexually desirable. Men are attracted to conquering, and took to the idea of beauty being hidden behind clothes that were simultaneously concealing and teasing. Women learned to show their skin in a way that revealed its soft texture and graceful lines, but didn’t show too much of a good thing. Yet, for all their appeal, women shouldn’t turn themselves into seductive dolls. They should make use of existing social standards and treat their body the way they like, turning themselves out as overtly sexy and underdressed, or, on the contrary, as modest and clothed with absolute conformity to the tenets of propriety.

An air of manliness


Manliness is a quality that lends itself to easy pinpointing: it depends on the testosterone level in man. As is universally known, testosterone is the hormone that makes possible the development of male characteristics when a boy reaches puberty. A high testosterone level is evident in such symptoms as a deep voice, thin lips, a face with prominent cheekbones and a strongly defined jaw, wide shoulders, substantial muscular mass and abundant hair. Besides, the hormone improves other bodily functions such as those of the heart and the immune system, it is good for bones, keeping up shape and even maintaining high spirits. A testosterone-rich person deports himself better in bed due to better erectile ability and gets more orgasms – qualities desired by women in their men and, further on, in their children.

The caring ability

People who are accustomed to taking their relationships in earnest, on a par with their jobs or their studies, and are intent to keep them stable, run much better chances of having lasting marriages. Psychologists say that this kind of attitude gives them advantages in all spheres of life – they get higher grades, draw bigger salaries, stay younger for a longer time. Studies show that those who are conscientious and compliant are better as spouses and parents as a rule, while those who are casual and demanding are more inclined to change partners. Now you know how to act to achieve your life goals – and how to change your attitude if you made up your mind to keep the girl you like and become a steady couple.


A hearty laughter

A very healthy habit, laughing is known to strengthen the immune system; it is good for the heart, abates anxiety and depression and can suppress painful sensations. Scientists say laughing acts as stimulator to the whole body, improves circulation and ensures the supply of oxygen to different organs. It helps us wind down by allaying stress. While halting the generation of cortisol, laughter is conducive to dopamine production and thus increases the ability to feel pleasure. Research shows that women appreciate men with a sense of humor – though being amusing is considered to be an advantage with everyone; therefore, girls, make guys laugh without thinking twice about it first!

A young appearance

A youthful appearance usually spells a better biological ability to bear babies: a younger woman is usually more fertile. Studies put the best delivery age at 20 plus, and men are aware of that subconsciously. So it is hardly surprising that men find women with a supple clean skin and glowing hair who look energetic and in good shape extremely appealing. Since men are generally fertile irrespective of age, it doesn’t go for men. As for women, they are on the lookout for men who would make good husbands and parents, which means men are more desirable when they are experienced and well off. It is this principle that makes marriages of a younger woman and an older man so common. Some women might rely on plastic surgeries to spruce themselves up to look as if they were twenty something, but it won’t work so well without true indications of youth such as being energetic and playful. It goes without saying women are not only objects of human reproduction, but beauty manufacturers hold out a strong temptation for women to look younger and more advantageous when it comes to natural selection.

Facial symmetry

You look like your reflection in the mirror partly due to the fact that the right and left side of your face are symmetric. The more symmetric you are, according to doctors, the higher the chances that you have good genes and are free from any serious diseases – an excellent reason for the opposite sex to be attracted to you. So, while symmetric faces are universally regarded to be more seductive, those which are less symmetric seem to exude anxiety, aggression and low-spiritedness. Scientists calculated the facial attraction ratio by which the distance between the eyes and the mouth ought to constitute 36% of the face’s length. Symmetrical people also look better on the dance floor because of their superior coordination. There are reasons to try and achieve better symmetry, then – it can be developed.

A dog on a leash


It’s true, if a man is walking a dog, he has higher chances to attract the attention of female passers-by. Just how much higher can be seen from a study by Université de Bretagne (2008): a young man asked hundreds of women he met in the street for their phone number. When he had a dog on a leash he succeeded in 28.3% of cases, while walking alone he was successful with 9.2% of women only. Complete strangers coming up to you, introducing themselves and asking your phone number so they could ring you up and take you out for a drink is not the most encouraging situation, but the presence of a dog makes it sound friendlier somehow. Dog owners are rated as more likely to become steady partners, so dogs add to your natural charm.

A pleasant smell

Smell pervades life – and relationship. In the animal world relationships are often made up by sniffing each other’s genitals; while this is more difficult with us humans, we nevertheless do have a nose for pheromones. Although, judging by some BBC reports, people are moving towards placing more import on smelling and arrange parties where you smell other people’s shirts in an attempt to involve biology more in the search for a suitable partner. The scientific view is that through inhaling pheromones we receive information about a person’s genetic code and the strength of their immune system; the brain analyzes it, and we end up attracted to one whose immune system completes our own. The idea is to pair with your opposite so one person’s weaknesses will combine with the other person’s strengths to provide the best possible immune system for the child. By the way, that’s often the reason behind the failure of online dating: people who get along very well via PCs can get disappointed in a matter of seconds when they get together because the brain tells them at once that the chemistry is all wrong.

Difference matters

You may be surprised when you come to consider how many small girls are happy to date men who tower over them, while tall girls don’t seem to mind having short men by their side. This phenomenon is dictated by the tendency to normalcy – it is expected subconsciously that the child of a tall woman and a short man will be of average height, a plump woman and a skinny guy will produce a child of average built. It is the same principle at work for the immune system, and both girls and guys want a spouse who will make up for their particular weaknesses. But mind that the rule of complementarity is instrumental for physical appearances only; in terms of personality, interests, intelligence, personal values and economic status it’s better to rely on similarity than on opposition.

Red color


Since immemorial times red is considered to be the color of passion and love – what could be better if you want to look your most attractive? Without your being aware of it, whatever sex you are, you will feel stronger interest towards a person dressed in red, a fact proven by psychological studies. Animals also recognize red as the sign of sexuality and willingness, and that seems to be universal, for psychologists register the fact of men being greatly attracted by this color without giving any tenable explanation to it. So a red dress is a happy choice, especially if it is sleeveless – a study conducted by University of New South Wales reveals that men like it when women’s arms are exposed. Opt for dresses and blouses that are beneficial for your waist (good estrogen level!), yet whatever you wear, wear it with confidence that is certain to enhance your appearance.


One of the easiest ways to draw a person’s attention to yourself is to show that you are interested – it works like an invitation to see you in a different light. Then you can use your body language to show that you are available and willing: avoid crossing your arms and legs, smile, keep up eye contact, show your palms. Lean in showing that you are interested, make the distance between you a bit shorter, choose a position where there is nothing to shield you or intercept between you and the person you are speaking with. Again, being confident is a good idea, since your attitude makes the other person more confident too. Finally, don’t get so scientific: simply come up and start talking, ask questions to learn facts, and your chances of getting there will grow immediately!

High heels

Women wouldn’t wear heels which are often uncomfortable and even painful if they didn’t have a good reason for it – and scientists confirm that they do. Arguably high heels count as the most sex-appealing part of an outfit (proved by a University of Brittany study). It emerged from the experiment that women with higher heels received more attention correspondingly, no matter whether they were walking along a street or sitting on a stool in a bar. The heels impart enhanced sexiness because they improve the women’s posture and make her curves more prominent. Moreover, her walk becomes more feminine since she is bound to take shorter steps and her hips move more conspicuously; so, no matter how the woman is dressed, she looks way more attractive. Playmates know what they are doing when they go for high heels invariably – this is so seductive. Anyway, it works for women only, for the height of a man’s heels is an immaterial factor for a female onlooker.

Nice curves

Standards of beauty ever changing, with curvy figures much appreciated a couple of centuries ago, and thin skinny girls considered trendy in more recent times – the latest notion being to learn to accept every kind of body there can be. Is there a scientific description of a perfect body? There is, but it doesn’t regard weight as much as proportions, for one, the proportion of the waist and hips. The waist should be smaller than the hips running to from 0.67 to 0.8 of the hips’ width, showing that there is no extra fat on the hips and buttocks and making the waist curve look nice. Besides, this ratio has to do with fertility: such women ovulate more quickly and get pregnant more easily. Thinness constitutes no advantage in these matters; extreme thinness diminishes sexuality, and very thin women have been known to have problems menstruating.