11 Happy Relationship Tips

Have you got together recently or have you been married for a few years? In any case, you need to know how to make the relationship happy.


1. Leave the past in the past

It is important to begin a new relationship with a clean slate. Otherwise it would be impossible to be committed to your current partner 100%. Never compare your present partner to the previous one.

2. Happiness starts with you

Happiness lies not in certain actions, achieving something, or owning something. Neither fancy dresses, nor any money will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

3. Communication and trust
You should be able to discuss the issues you are interested in with your partner, whether it is sex, future plans, or your fears. Trust is very important. Not only must you trust your partner, but be worthy of his trust.

4. There is I, there is He/She, and We

You are not only someone’s wife or someone’s husband, you have your own personality. It is important that you allow yourself to occasionally do some things for yourself. However, you need to have an occupation that you are involved in together. After all, you are together. Find the balance between “I” and “we.”

5. Marriage must always be in the first place

Marriage is the strongest bond between two people. Children grow up and leave their parents, and friends come and go, always changing. The women, whose children are the center of their family, ultimately do not let them grow and become independent adults. You must understand that children should leave the house. Therefore you should first of all think about your marriage.

6. Always remember the main reason why you have got married

You created a family not to work sixty hours a week together or to see each other 2 hours a day, not to buy a new car, a better home, or any other purchase. You got married to share life with each other, and not your accounts. You have got married because you love each other.

7. Never compare yourself with other couples
There will always be a family where the wife will look happier, sexier, healthier, or more successful than any of you. It makes no sense to sit and compare their life with yours.

8. Never think “what if …”

Thinking about what could have happened if you had spent one night or a lifetime with another person is unfair to your partner. Besides, you know both the best and worst aspects of your spouse. As for other people, we usually see only the best side of them.

9. Knowing that love can grow

Love and affection for each other can get stronger over the years. The longer you are together, the bigger story you are united by, and if you are doing it right, your love will blossom. And always remember that there is no perfect love.

10. In sickness and in health

If your lives are bound with each other, you should support each other no matter what happens. Do not let financial issues, health, or work come between you. Your partner needs you at this time. If you love, you can handle this together. Both in sorrow and in joy, remember this phrase.

11. Say “I love you” to each other and think the same

From time to time, your partner needs to hear these three cherished words from you. Tell them to him. It may seem too youthful to you, but it’s important. And despite your being busy, find time for romance.