10 Strange Turn-ons for Men

Tight clothes, revealing dress slits, erotic movies can always inspire a man to some good action. But you want a wider range of weapons to switch among and avoid your man getting used to them. The more ways you know to get your man aroused, the more sparkle there is to your between-the-sheets side of life. You can employ sights and even smells to make the atmosphere thick with erotic excitement. See if there are some hints you haven’t heard yet!


Smells to carry you from the kitchen to the bedroom

Chicago researchers say that of all smells there is one that gets men aroused better than any other. Care to try and make a guess? No perfume – it’s the smell of a pumpkin pie with lavender flavor. Either it acts as a reminder of a good meal or serves to make men more laid-back; anyway, this smell can increase the penile blood flow to an extent many well-known smells can’t. Get the recipe pat and see if it’s true for your husband!

Throw some fear in

Anxiety and twinges of fear can enhance sexual excitement, too. There was a study involving two groups of men, one was standing on a firm bridge, the other – on a bridge that was shaky and high up above the ground. A gorgeous female assistant was then dispatched to both groups with a request to fill in a questionnaire. Men who were standing on the wobbly bridge gave answers that displayed a more aroused response to the assistant. So, fear can make men more active erotically.

Red dress charm

A study in which men were to rate women depicted in different outfits in photos revealed that men consider women wearing red clothes to be most attractive, even though they were shown photos of the same women attired in other hues. What’s that, the red lights street association, an evocation of pink Valentine Day hearts – or some deeper instincts at work? Biologists say primate females’ red faces are concomitant to ovulation, sending out signs to males that the fertile period has set in.

Put your arms on display

Focus on the way your arms look! Australian researchers who asked men to rate women by photos noticed that long shapely legs failed to attract men’s attention whereas the sight of long, well-toned arms made the rates rise immediately. Is it that a woman with long arms looks slim and graceful or men feel they can expect a marvelous hugging ability? Anyway, put your best arm forward!

Matching undergarments work better

You know that men have an eye for the kind of underwear you have on. Furthermore, they tend to believe matching panties and bras show more consideration and taste (not forgetting that it is for his personal enjoyment). Keep that in mind when you go shopping for lingerie next time, and try red pieces to make the effect even more powerful.

Curvy thighs

Slimming is all right, but not quite successful compared to the body’s chemistry and biology: experts remind us that well-rounded thighs and hips remain sexually stimulating. US boffins explain it by pointing out a high content of omega-3 fatty acids in fleshy hips; when the woman becomes pregnant, the acids go to her placenta and provide nourishment for the fetus’s brain. This is one good reason not to struggle to get your hips thinner!

Stay within reach

Propinquity is more important for striking up relationships than you can think! No matter how great a hunter man may consider himself to be, a woman who keeps staying in the vicinity and, consequently, can steal his eye more often, has more chances to be pursued. Men’s response to familiarity is strong, and they get drawn to those women who stay around, experts aver.

Facial similarity matters

Every man has his own idea of what body proportions and facial features are most attractive to him – yet they may not be aware that their own faces and bodies have to do with it. Features and proportions that come close to the man’s own rarely fail to be regarded as highly attractive, according to the homogamy theory. We look up to similarities, both inner and outer ones, to be able to give us the sense of comfort and security in relationship.

Laughing out loud makes it

A smile is charming, but a laugh is provocative, runs the advice from Swiss medicos. Your resonant laughter can get a man aroused on the subconscious level. He hears in it an echo of moans that you will emit during sex, and it puts him closer to the edge. So, look for the one who will make you laugh more often!

Get your sex toys in the picture

Many women try to keep their sex toys out of their men’s sight, believing they may be offended by the display. While there is a risk of making your man feel rather inept and insecure when facing your favorite vibrator, keep in mind that for men visual perception is very important. The sight of you using your sex products on yourself is able to turn him on quickly and effectively. Next time have your toy handy and see how far along the line it will take him!