Weird Trend: Armpit Hair Coloring

The Popsugar website describes a frightening beauty trend. Girls grow hair under the armpits, and then dye it. In the brightest colors! Is this trend really going to last for a long time?

Just like many crazy trends, this one also came from the blogosphere. And the movement began not long ago. The instructions on how to dye the armpit hair appeared on websites and blogs back in 2007.

But now, many bloggers remembered about it again and it looks like the trend is growing. Girls share their experience about the best way to dye their armpits. The “game” has suddenly been supported by stylists: they are happy to give tips on how to dye, what hair dyes to use, and even what color to choose to make the image harmonious. For example, one such post of stylist Roxy Hunt from Seattle has been shared by 32 thousand people!

We just have to breathe deeply and hope that it is not necessary yet to buy dyes for armpit hair. By the way, would you risk and try it?