Which Mascara Really Makes the Lashes Curly?

What is the best mascara to curl eyelashes? This question was answered by the beauty editors from the New York Magazine. They advised two really efficient products of this kind.

The real reason why mascara can curl eyelashes is not only the brush design, as the advertisers used to talk about it. It’s all about the composition.

In order to make the lashes curly, the polymers of the mascara must resist gravity, so they form a synthetic tube around the base of each eyelash, which acts as a support system for the lash not “drop” or get straightened.

These polymers have to be pretty strong to support the effect of curly eyelashes during the whole day. As a rule, the composition of the mascara does not allow to remove it with warm water or even makeup remover. After the removal of the mascara, there still remains a little bit of the product on the eyelashes and around them. It is surprising, but it is one of the conditions of proving that you have the mascara with the right polymers.

The editors of the New York Magazine have named the mascara, which can make the lashes curly. First of all, it is Lash Blast Mascara, created by Cover Girl. It thickens the base of lashes and curls them. The brush design is developed by makeup artist Pat McGrath. The brush prevents sticking, and its light formula does not burden the lashes, so they remain curly for a long time.

High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique

The second product, which happened to be in the category of the products really making lashes curly, is High Impact Curling Mascara produced by Clinique. This mascara curls lashes and creates a really lasting effect. However, like all the products for curly lashes, it is not so easy to remove.

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