New Super Curlacious Mascara from Avon

Avon presents new eyelashes curling mascara called “Super Curlacious” which will help ladies have the perfect makeup at all times.

Avon Super Curlacious Mascara

In order to create the “open-eyed look” we need the mascara to give us maximum volume and graceful curl. It often takes several layers to reach this effect, but then lumps of mascara are unavoidable. Avon claims that their new mascara “Super Curlacious” not only lengthens and spreads out the lashes evenly, but is also perfect at keeping eyelashes curled. The makeup stays perfect till late night.

The special curved brush makes it easy to apply the mascara quickly and effortlessly, while covering even the smallest eyelashes and avoiding lumps. Another key component of this new formula fixes the mascara on the lashes and thus prevents flaking.

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