Smart Beauty & Weight Loss Tips

Today we will share with you a few clever tips on how to lose weight and look a million dollars.


  1. Try to massage your body every morning using a brush or a special glove, soaked in cold water. Perform this procedure during 5 minutes. You will improve exfoliation, tone the body and get additional energy!
  2. If you need to lose weight, stop eating salt. Try to have salt-free dieting weeks from time to time. Excess salt retains excess fluid in the body, and this is where swelling, cellulite and excess weight originate from.
  3. Go to bed early! During sleep, our brain secretes the growth hormone, which creates a balance between fat accumulation and fat burning. The maximum amount of this hormone is produced from 22 pm to 2 am. So those who are asleep at this time will retain youth and slenderness for a longer period of time.
  4. Ultraviolet is not just harmful; it may also be useful! Its absence results in a decrease in the production of vitamin D and calcium absorption; this makes the fibers decrepit, while the whole body is aging. If we spend no more than 3 minutes a day in the solarium, the UV rays will not have enough time to damage the skin. Instead, the skin will produce useful anti-aging proteins called chaperones.
  5. Regular sports exercises increase the number of mitochondria, which supply us with energy. With age, the number of mitochondria is reduced, so going in for sports makes you younger!
  6. However, you should know when to stop. Too intensive training brings more harm to the body. The body sees such training as stress and produces the hormone called cortisol which stimulates fat accumulation. By the way, the production of this hormone is activated by black coffee too.
  7. The necessary replenishment for the skin is provided by omega 3-6-9 acids of vegetable origin (for example, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil, etc.). It is good to combine omega supplements with vitamin C; together they create an easily digestible complex.
  8. The effectiveness of any body product (moisturizing, anti-cellulite, tightening, etc.) can be improved by using it for wrapping. From time to time, apply it with a thick layer on the skin, wrap this part of the body with a cling film and cover yourself with a blanket. You will admire the effect!
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