20 Proofs That Your Life Is Happier Than You Think

A happy life consists of many details. We do not even notice many of these details in our daily routine. But they are really worth paying attention to.


When everything fails, and it seems that everything goes wrong in your life, think about this list. These things are a little reason to be proud of yourself.

  1. You have paid your bills this month. And perhaps you have even left some money to be spent on yourself. No matter how much you are annoyed at these responsibilities, it is important that you have them and you carry them out. This is independence.
  2. You ask yourself questions. You question your actions and sometimes even feel miserable. This means that you are open to further growth and development; you are able to objectively evaluate yourself and strive to achieve more.
  3. You have a job. No matter how many hours you are busy and what position you occupy. You earn money, which you can spend and buy something to eat, have somewhere to sleep and something to wear every day. If all of this does not look the way you once imagined, do not consider it a failure. You value your independence and are responsible for yourself.
  4. You have time to do what you like. Even if your “likes” include nothing but a sofa, dinner and TV series.
  5. You do not worry about what to eat for dinner. You have food in the refrigerator or in the pantry, and you can even choose what to eat today.
  6. You enjoy eating. You do not just see food as a means of survival.
  7. You have a couple of really close friends. People often worry about the number, but they finally realize that the number does not affect intimacy, true relationship and understanding between people.
  8. You can afford taking the subway this morning, drinking a cup of coffee or fueling your car. And you do not even pay attention to such trifles.
  9. You are not the man you used to be a year ago. You learn, you grow and are able to determine whether you’ve changed for the better or for the worse.
  10. You have time. This means that you can do something in addition to the most necessary things. You may have recently been at the concert of your favorite band, read a new book or gone for a one-day trip to see the nearby town. You do not need to work 24 hours a day, and you have the time for entertainment.
  11. You have the most necessary clothes. You are not worried about a hat and gloves during the cold winter. You have cool clothes for the summer vacation and even beautiful things for special occasions that can be worn, for example, at your friends’ wedding.
  12. You feel when something goes wrong in your life. The first and most crucial step is realizing that something is definitely going wrong. Even if you still do not know what to do to make it better.
  13. If you had the opportunity to meet yourself as a small kid, you would have told yourself: “We did it, we did it, we have gone through this terrible storm.” You have left your pains in the past and you say to this small kid: “In the future, everything will be fine with you.”
  14. You have your personal space. It does not necessarily have to be an apartment or house. This can be a room, a corner, a table, where you do the things you love or relax. There you can decide who can be a part of your little world. This place is controlled by you personally.
  15. You managed to break the relationship that was far from ideal. It is very important that you had this relationship. It is even more important that you and your partner have made a conscious and deliberate decision to break up. This means that you are open to something new and are determined to find your man.
  16. You are interested in something. It does not matter what it is: relationship, sex, reading, movies, space or the creation of life on Earth. There is something that excites your brain very much.
  17. You know how to take care of yourself. You know how many hours of sleep you need today to feel good tomorrow, you know who to turn to when your heart is broken, whom to have fun with, and what to do when you are sick.
  18. You work for a particular purpose. Even if you are exhausted already, and your dream is still vague and seems so far away, it is important to have it and strive for it.
  19. But you are not obsessed with only your future. The happiest people on the planet are still able to appreciate and enjoy what is happening here and now.
  20. You have gone through many difficulties. You are bold enough to take any challenge that life presents you with, comparing it with previous difficulties, which seemed impossible to overcome. But now you have experience. Life has not become easier, and you have become smarter.
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