25 Cute Scientific Facts

The world around us is full of wonderful things, but sometimes it is much more difficult to believe in the authenticity of the information than in obvious fiction. Geniusbeauty.com has collected the most touching and cutest facts from all over the world for you.

  1. When lovers look into each other’s eyes, their hearts beat synchronized.
  2. Some pairs of twins are able to communicate with each other using the language only they can understand.
  3. Lesser panda uses its bushy tail to take refuge from the cold.
  4. Sheep can recognize facial expressions and prefer people’s smile most of all.
  5. Polar bears touch each other’s nose as a greeting to ask about something.
  6. When a female giraffe is ready to give birth, it returns to the place of birth to deliver the baby there.
  7. Contemplating touching things improves the mood and helps to improve concentration.
  8. Japanese macaques play snowballs for fun.
  9. Quokka is called the happiest animal in the world – its muzzle is always smiling.
  10. When a koala baby grows and becomes too large for a bag, its Mom continues to wear it on the back.
  11. Sea otters have a small “pocket” under the forearm for storing food or their favorite stones.
  12. Before the chick hatches out of the egg, it communicates with its mother and other chicks through the shell, using special sounds.
  13. Puffins choose a partner for life. They build a sort of a house on a steep cliff and even equip a toilet nearby.
  14. Squirrels adopt alien squirrels if they were abandoned for some reason.
  15. Elephants entwine their trunks as a sign of great love.
  16. Embrace is a natural anesthetic.
  17. Newborn pandas are incredibly small – their weight does not exceed the weight of a cup of tea!
  18. Bees can communicate by dancing.
  19. Cows have best friends, with whom they spend most of their time.
  20. When a baby kangaroo is frightened a lot, it jumps in the mother’s bag upside down!
  21. While playing with a female puppy, a male puppy often lets its opponent win, even if it has physical advantage.
  22. Cats greet each other by touching their noses.
  23. A smile, even if it is false, evokes the memories associated with happy moments of life.
  24. Holding hands, we help each other to cope with stress.
  25. Dancing elevates the mood and makes us happier.
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