Skincare Sandwiching Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

We see more and more references to the skincare sandwiching technique. In short, its meaning lies in the correct order of care products, which allows dry skin to peel less and lock the moisture inside due to layering and reusing of some products (apparently, that’s where we get a comparison with a sandwich). The choice of products, in general, depends only on your desires and problems and can be selected individually, but this is the form in which the technique is most often published in the posts of bloggers and in the articles of American publications.

So, it is suggested to apply a moisturizing toner, essence, or mist on the cleansed skin. Then cover everything with a layer of moisturizing serum and use the toner, essence, or mist again (you don’t need much, 2-3 drops of the product on your face are enough). Then we take the oil. The next step is to repeat the application of tonic, essence, or mist again.

The final stage is a balm or cream. If your skin is very dry, you can replace the cream with petroleum jelly (it is now a star in the beauty industry that gave the name to another trend – slugging). It turns out that a tonic, essence, or mist makes the effect permanent at every stage. This allows nutrients to remain in the skin for a long time, less exposed to environmental influences (for example, wind or pollution).

An important note is that the essence of the technique is not to apply products with a thick layer, but to alternate and repeat them.

By the way, the “sandwich” is also relevant for the lips. Caring for them, you can shorten the program and apply only a moisturizing face cream and lip balm (in a thin layer). This process will prevent peeling and cracks.

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