How to Reduce Wrinkles Around Mouth

Before you understand how to remove nasolabial folds at home, let’s figure out what kind of folds they are. Nasolabial folds are wrinkles that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth. It is these folds that are shown during a smile and, in general, their appearance is quite logical and normal. However, when the mouth is closed, wrinkles can create the feeling that you are sad. Apparently, this effect becomes the main reason why many women (and men too) want to get rid of them.

It is also believed that the “lines” running from the nose to the lips are due to smoking and frequent drinking through a straw. Smoking, in general, can hardly be called a good habit for many indicators, but a disposable straw is a fairly hygienic way to avoid skin contact with someone else’s dishes if you are a guest or in a public institution. Therefore, it is only up to you to decide whether to throw out the straw immediately so that nasolabial folds do not appear on your face.

To smooth out nasolabial folds at home, it is important to choose nourishing and moisturizing creams, serums, and patches with glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid in the composition. Masks with spirulina, bay leaves, and fish oil are especially popular: it is advised to make them at home or buy ready-made masks with similar ingredients, which are really considered rejuvenating.

Other strong fighters against age-related changes are retinol and sunscreens. The first one helps to effectively fight the already existing “imperfections”, and the second one prevents negative consequences after sunbathing. It’s no secret that the sun rays cause photoaging, dry skin, and even life-threatening diseases, so products with SPF can eliminate most of these problems.

Of course, all the products should be applied to a cleansed face, and to prevent wrinkles, it is also necessary to scrub the face 1-2 times a week. The owners of sensitive skin, who are afraid of irritation, are recommended to use home peels with small abrasive particles.

If you are still wondering how to reduce nasolabial folds at home, you should also know about the blur cream – many also call it cream with a photoshop effect. Such a cream works due to spherical flat particles in the composition that reflect light, and this helps (albeit visually) to improve the skin. In fact, this means a primer that smoothes the skin and prepares it for further (optional) application of a foundation or powder (or both together).

As for cosmetology, the set is also known to many here: fillers and laser procedures help smooth out wrinkles. The result of the service lasts from 3 months to a year, depending on the activity of your facial expressions and the influence of other factors (for example, active sunlight).

How much better are creams than cosmetic injections? And can home cosmetics, in fact, smooth out wrinkles? If you address the issue in the early stages, when the wrinkles are still shallow, the situation can be changed for the better. However, even after proper care from a beautician, it is important to continue using serums, creams and masks at home to consolidate the results. Any cosmetologist and dermatologist will tell you this.

Massage from nasolabial folds at home

With beauty bloggers and face-building schools, you will find many variations of massage for nasolabial folds at home. It is difficult and long to list all the methods, you are free to choose the set of exercises that you are able to repeat, and most importantly, now do it every day: frequency is important with the gymnastics for the face (as with sports, indeed). It will not hwlp if you do something once and hope for a lifelong effect.

Good advice is to use oil or facial foam during face-building (it can be washed off after the end of the exercises): in this way, gymnastics will be less traumatic and will not cause irritation. The most effective oils are considered to be coconut, grape seed oil and olive oil. If you massage the face in the evening, you don’t even need to wash them off and go to bed like this: the oil will be absorbed even more and will provide additional benefits.

By the way, there are many celebrities who are fans of face gymnastics. Perhaps the beauties lie a little, claiming that the whole point is only in their skilled hands, but they are still free of wrinkles.

We will share one versatile Asian technique to help eliminate wrinkles. Fold two hands in front of your face (thumbs under the chin, the rest on the nose). With a little effort, start moving your fingers towards your ears. When you bring both hands to the ears, gently move your hands from the ears to the neck and the decollete area. Repeat the movements at least three times in a row.

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