Skin Fasting Is the New Beauty Trend

The abundance of beauty products and procedures in the beautician’s office has led to a trend that calls for abandoning all skincare.

Against the background of isolation and in support of the trend towards naturalness, it has become popular to upload your photos without makeup and without prolonged use of care products.

A complete rejection of creams, lotions, foams, and other beauty items or a significant reduction in such jars is called “skin fasting”.

Why do some girls literally throw away their once-loved makeup bottles? They believe (along with some dermatologists) that any product for the face slows down or, on the contrary, accelerates the natural processes in the skin, and therefore interferes with the usual course of things, conceived by nature.

If we are not talking about serious skin diseases (dermatitis, acne, rosacea), getting rid of the products of the beauty industry will return the skin processes to normal. For example, you will not need to buy a special radiance cream because the skin can “cleanse” of all the unnecessary in the most natural way (after 3-4 weeks) and will begin to glow from within. We kind of reset all the settings and get a kind of “reboot”.

Dermatologists generally agree with the decision of some to get rid of excess in the beauty routine. This is especially true for owners of sensitive skin. Getting rid of beauty products for 2-3 weeks and then gradually returning to several favorite ones will allow, firstly, to track the behavior of the skin, and secondly, to clearly see if daily remedies do not harm the skin and do not cause unwanted redness.

Experts remind: the only thing that is definitely not worth getting rid of, even for experimental purposes, is sunscreen.

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