Fashion Trends We’ve Left in 2020 Forever

Last year we said goodbye to skinnies and accessories from the 1990s. What aren’t we going to take with us in 2021?

The closer the New Year, the more actively fashionistas begin to dismantle their wardrobe, trying to get rid of everything that can make their image out of date.

We followed the latest trends in the fashion industry, studied the latest collections of top designers, flipped through pictures of street style stars and analyzed which fashion trends are hopelessly outdated. We definitely do not recommend following them in the new year, and we are going to leave them in 2020.

Belt bags

This super popular trend began to lose popularity in the middle of 2020, and by its end it had completely faded. People are tired of their original shape, so they will finally remain in the outgoing year. But we are not upset and welcome the same belt bags for wearing on the shoulder.

An alternative to belt bags can also be a micro-bag, which you can wear as an accessory, or a miniature handbag, which is very good for evening looks.

Slim glasses a la the 1990s

This accessory, originally from the 2000s, gives us nostalgia for the “Matrix” movie series. It has been an integral part of the images of many fashionistas for the last couple of years. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and other stars did not part with them. But sports futurism is no longer trendy: the style of the 1970s is much more popular now, with models of glasses that cover half of the face. They suit everyone.

Ugly sneakers

A couple of years ago, due to the efforts of the Balenciaga brand, ugly sneakers suddenly became the to ptrend of urban fashion. They were even combined with skirts and dresses, which looked wild. Huge, awkward and fully justifying the title of ugly shoes, these sneakers just could not survive among the trends for long.

Minimalism and love for classics won: the designers recovered their self-conrol and reason and began to create much more elegant models that are appropriate even in feminine, sophisticated images. We can forget about ugly sneakers, but we shouldn’t relax: “ugly fashion” is not losing ground, which means that something new is just around the corner.

Flared jeans

In 2020, we happily recalled the 1970s, and banana jeans competed with flared jeans. The trend returned for a short while and will remain in 2020.

Blue colour

New Year means a new shade. In 2020, Pantone prophesied peace and tranquility for us and made deep blue a trendy color. There are different hopes for 2021, which means different colors. Two at once: yellow and gray.

Unlike other trends, blue clothes will definitely not become an anti-trend, and they are unlikely to even resemble 2020 (like, for example, flared trousers), so it is definitely not necessary to put blue clothes on the far shelves. But you can surely add brightness to your wardrobe, paying attention to the yellow color.

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