The Most Harmful Beauty Treatments

Today, the beauty industry offers many procedures aimed at improving appearance. Not all of them promise a result, and in some cases, they are successful marketing tricks or even dangerous manipulation. Which of them can ultimately undermine your health and beauty? Let’s talk about the most harmful beauty treatments.

The most unsafe cosmetic procedures include at least several options.

Nose reshaping with filler injections

What is promised? Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves changing the contours of the nose through the introduction of medications based on hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite. Injections promise to correct the shape of the tip and wings of the nose, smooth out the hump, and remove asymmetry.

What happens in reality? The effect of the injections is temporary, and after about a year, the appearance will return to its original state. Predicting the final contours of the nose is not so easy, and there is a high probability of asymmetry and disproportions. The nose may look unnatural. In addition, there are significant risks of genuine medical problems.

The injected drug compresses the vessels that supply the nose tissues with blood, which causes ischemia – a decrease in local blood circulation. The situation can develop into necrosis, that is, tissue necrosis. Roughly speaking, the patient can remain without a nose.

Correction of the cartilaginous structure of the nose with hormonal injections

What is promised? The introduction of hormonal drugs helps soften and reduce the volume of the cartilaginous tissue of the nose, thereby reducing its size and modeling the shape, removing the hump, and narrowing the back. The result is expected to be permanent and noticeable immediately after the injection.

What happens in reality? Under the influence of synthetic hormones, the cartilaginous tissue of the nose really “melts”, but this happens completely uncontrollably. In extreme cases, the cartilage of the nose can completely atrophy, and the patient will get critical problems not only with appearance but also with health.

Since the result cannot be predicted and controlled, gross retraction of the skin of the nose, visual defects, scars on the skin, asymmetry and deformation of the nose can form. Sometimes plastic surgeons use this technique to correct some nuances of the cartilaginous structure of the nose, but only in case of urgent need.

Syringe liposuction

What is promised? A minimally invasive liposuction technique is performed using syringes under local anesthesia. Beauticians promise patients that it helps remove fat deposits in hard-to-reach areas (in the knees and armpits, face and chin). Subcutaneous tissue is pumped out not by the apparatus, but by a syringe under pressure.

What happens in reality? Through syringe liposuction, it is possible to correct small fat deposits on the face – for example, the double chin area. However, this technique should not be used to remove half a liter of fiber in different body areas, as the advertisement promises.

Liposuction is one of the most dangerous aesthetic interventions, so it should only be performed in an operating room under the supervision of an experienced surgeon, not by a beautician.

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