Men Don't Care about Woman's Manicure

In order to look attractive, women spend a lot of time and effort. Makeup, hair styling, wardrobe selection, manicures. But it turns out that women’s nails are the last thing men pay attention to.


The Mandatory web-site has conducted a survey among the male part of its audience. The aim was to find out what color nail polish on girls irritated them, and what they would allow the girls to wear on a date. The answer was unexpected.

It is incredible that men do not care about our nails. They do not notice any changes in the color of our manicure, unless they are not pointed to it.

The list of the things that can cause men’s dislikes does not have the “nail color” column.

However, there are a few things related to women’s nail polish, which still excite them, such as the length of the nail and nail-redundant design. According to the survey by mandatory, men do not stand too long and sharp nails. They also believe that the nail design with rhinestones and bows is more suitable for 12-year-old girls. And they really do not like when a woman is engaged with her fingernails in public.


And did you know you paint your nails just for yourself?

By the way, if you still feel the desire to take care of your nails, that’s one of the latest manicure trends of the spring 2013 season – turquois nail polishes.

Blue-green, aquamarine, turquoise, the color of the “thrush egg”, cyan – choose any of these colors and you will be in the trend! Here are some of the brands that represent the shades of turquoise nail polishes this new season: