Long-Lasting Manicure Damages the Nails

We have recently received a fashion for the manicure that combines the quality of lasting fake nails with the convenience of usual nail polishes. Women are finally able to create a glossy manicure with the durability of about 2 weeks.


One can easily agree that it is just perfect for a vacation! In theory, such manicure does not harm one’s own nails, at least not the way artificial gel nails or acrylic nails do.

But the recent studies in the U.S. show that this type of manicure, known as “two-week manicure“, makes the nails thinner, more brittle and splitting into layers.

Experts in dermatology from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami started to investigate the matter after many women had begun to complain about the deterioration of their nails after using Shellac and OPI Axxium coatings. Dermatologist Andrea Chen measured the thickness of her own nails with the most accurate tools before and after the manicure.

The results showed a significant thinning of the nail plate after applying the “two-week” manicure. However, it was unclear what exactly hurt fingernails: the manicure itself or the process of removing it by soaking the nails in acetone solution. Acetone is known to dry nails dramatically.

The representative of the Shellac brand Samantha Sweet argues that if a professional expert of manicure applies nail polish and removes it, the problems with nail deterioration should not occur. Moreover, in her opinion, such a manicure nourishes and strengthens nails. Samantha says that to remove Shellac coating one only has to moisten a cotton ball in acetone and hold it on the nail for as long as it takes to soften the coating. And, of course, it is totally unacceptable to “soak” the hand in a bottle of acetone.

Dear readers, we ask you to share your experience of using Shellac and iOPI Axxium coatings. What was the condition of your nails after removing resistant manicure?