Lip Makeup Secrets of Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow, blond with a great figure, has a compelling charm of a smart woman. She is hardly a poster child for beauty, however. The actress has a beautiful smile, but her lips are thin. Gwyneth used to wear bright-colored lipsticks that didn’t look right on her thin lips. Now she’s using lipstick or lip-gloss of light natural colors as the makeup artists advise thin lips owners to do. Here are basic makeup rules for those with thin lips.

Lipstick Color

Darker colors and matte texture make lips look thinner while lighter natural shades and gloss, on the other hand, make them visually fuller.

Lip Liner Color

The combination of the lip liner darker than your lipstick can visually reduce the lip volume nearly in half. Don’t use lip liner at all, or pick the liner of the same color with your lipstick, or even lighter.

Draw the line 1-2 mm from your natural lip line.

Thin Lips Makeup for Special Occasions

For special occasions, you can use cosmetics products for instant volume lips – lip plumpers. Translucent plumpers are applied over lipstick while colored plumpers can be worn alone or with regular lipsticks and lip glosses.

How to Create Pouty Lips

One of the proven techniques for creating a pouty lip effect is to apply a bright-colored lipstick and then dot a light lip gloss at the centre of upper and bottom lip.

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