Impress the Bathroom Mirror: Try These Beauty Tips

6am – your alarm blares like an insouciant child yelling in your ear. Slamming your fist repeatedly against the bedside cabinet, you eventually hit snooze button. This is it, you think. Time to face the bathroom mirror again.


Indeed, a lot of us feel that sense of dread before their morning glance in the glass.
While we’d all love to have the figure of Cara Delevigne and the face to match, we’re more likely to resemble Jabba the Hutt – with the pus-filled boils to match.
Bleurgh – anyway, you don’t have to be frightened of the bathroom mirror if you have the right beauty regime in place.
With that in mind, we’ve concocted a few concrete tips that will help you look into the mirror without shame.

Mine those minerals

The high street can be great at selling snake oil, especially where cosmetics are concerned. There are lotions that’ll “combat aging”, potions that’ll “provide smoother, suppler skin” and ointments with “guaranteed effects”.
What you need are actual guaranteed results – and from all-natural sources.
Mineral makeup is one such guarantee, giving you light and airy pores that won’t ruin your skin. Unlike that standard high street foundation gumph, mineral makeup won’t overload your pores. In turn, your skin won’t be suffocated by your cosmetics, allowing it to breathe and stay healthy.

Find the perfect trainer

Sometimes, even the idea of moving from your settee feels like a chore. So, just imagine pushing yourself to exercise when you know the latest Game of Thrones episode is on later in the evening.
What you need is someone who’ll make you feel dreadful for skipping the gym, someone who’ll cajole you into pushing your body to the limit and someone whose discipline and muscular definition acts as an inspiration.
You need a personal trainer.
While these guys can set you back a large amount, the discipline you’ll receive in return will be invaluable.
But if you can’t shell out for a personal trainer, find a friend who’ll be able to instil a decent workout regime within you. With a little bit of help you’ll be looking trim in no time.

Make your diet a riot

While binging on crisps, Domino’s pizzas and Chinese takeaways might feel like a delightful way to slob out for an evening, it’ll be disastrous for your appearance.
Greasy foods breed greasy skin – you might as well be lathering yourself in vegetable oil and letting your spots enjoy a feast.
Replace your junk with superfoods rich in vitamins and minerals. And while you’re at it, make those whole meals tasty by slathering them with zesty beets or tantalising pasta sauces.
Get your diet right and you’ll really feel the benefits – both inside and out.