Yet Another Reason for Obesity Revealed

A new publication in the Journal of Endocrinology reports another scientists’ attempt to find a key to the problem of obesity. Specialists conducted a series of experiments on mice and found out that the cause of obesity may be the factor perceived by many as an indicator of healthy and proper nutrition.


One of the characteristic features of modern life is a varied diet – most people try to make their breakfasts, lunches and dinners various. There is even a theory that a diverse diet is good for health, as it enables the human body to get more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

However, this theory can let down those who are prone to weight gain. People who easily gain weight and try to eat as diversely as possible are at risk of becoming overweight or, what is much worse – obese.

In the experiments reported by Endocrinology, one group of mice were on a high-fat diet, the second group – on a low-fat one, and the third group were fed on products from both categories. When summarizing the results, it was revealed that obesity was most likely to occur in the last group of rodents.

Commenting on the results of the experiments, the scientists said that a similar trend was observed with regard to people.

The researchers are convinced that people’s desire to diversify their menu and to include as many different products as possible, leads to increase in the total amount of food they consume.

It is not the first time scientists claim that a varied diet can lead to obesity. Some nutritional studies conducted earlier also point to this. In particular, scientists discussed the fact that the human brain perceives different portions of food from homogeneous and heterogeneous components. If the plate contains several products, their volume will generally appear smaller than if they were all identical, researchers explained.

Nutritionists also claimed that a wide range of dishes and products leads to the fact that people do not get used to food, and as a result, every time they get vivid impressions from the meal. This, in turn, provokes the desire to enjoy this process as often as possible.

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