How to Keep Your Hairstyle under the Winter Hat?

You can’t survive winter without a hat, but you also want to save your hairstyle and hair volume. How to make the hairstyle hold on even after you have spent several hours in a hat?

Buy antistatic

To avoid hair electrification, pay attention to styling products with an antistatic agent, as well as a large number of moisturizing components. Oils (coconut, jojoba and almond) are also helpful since they can simultaneously nourish, moisturize, and give shine without making the hair heavier.

Dry your hair

It is clear that you should not go outside with wet hair. It needs not only to get dry, but also another 10-15 minutes to “cool down”. The temperature difference is dangerous for the health and appearance of the curls. If moisture still remains in them, the hair quickly loses its elasticity and shine. When drying your hair, do not forget to use the cold air button, it helps styling to stay longer, even under a hat.

Apply dry shampoo

To return the hairstyle to its previous volume, use dry shampoo. You can also use volume spray: apply a little spray to the hair roots and massage the scalp.

Make crimped hair

Yes, making crimped hair is not the fastest task, but it helps the styling to survive during bad weather, under a hat, and even during the next day. If you are going to make curls, it is best to use thermal curlers. They heat up quickly and evenly, so they break hair less and prevent its electrification. To consolidate the effect, feel free to take a hair spray with a high degree of fixation.

Rinse hair roots

Another tip that prevents excessive hair fluffiness is to wash only the hair roots, and distribute the resulting foam along the length of the hair. This will be enough to wash away all the dirt and at the same time save the hair from electrification.

Choose the hats made from natural materials

It is desirable that there should be less than 30% artificial yarn to minimize electrification. Due to synthetic materials, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively because of which the hair gets dirty faster and quickly loses root volume. In case of a fur hat, pay attention to the lining material.

If it’s not very cold outside, choose a hat that does not fit close against your head. Try to find an alternative to a hat. A warm shawl or beret can be an excellent replacement.

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