How to Look Chic in Winter Without Wearing Fur?

More and more brands refuse to use fur, so clothing items with synthetic insulation appear on sale. We tell you how to choose the perfect model even for a harsh winter. Today’s article is for those who live in the mountains or in the North.

Many are convinced that only real fur can save in harsh winters. But this has long been irrelevant – today, you can find more convenient, easier, cheaper and even more beautiful clothes.

The most important thing is not the type of clothing, but the insulation type. It can be natural (for example, wool or down) or synthetic. Insulation comes in several forms and can not only retain body heat, but also warm it.

Synthepon is the cheapest; however, it will keep you warm to –10 degrees. Now, synthepon has become lighter (although it still doesn’t withstand a large number of washings and humidity).

Outerwear with isosoft will keep you warm at –35 degrees: it is light, thin and moisture resistant.

Hollow fiber is popular among manufacturers – it helps you feel warm at –40 degrees. Products with this insulation can be easily soaked and washed as many times as you like, and they will dry in a couple of hours.

Thinsulate is considered one of the best modern insulators – it works at the temperatures of –60 degrees.

So, you should not be afraid of the word “polyester” on the label – it is better to check with the seller the temperature regime of the outerwear that you are going to buy.


A fur coat, of course, is a gorgeous thing. It looks luxurious on any woman, but at present it is irrelevant in many countries. In addition, many reject natural fur.

The fur coat can be replaced with a parka or a down jacket. The jacket, by the way, is no longer considered sportswear – it can be combined with heels and a dress and worn in the office and at parties. Pay attention to the thin down jackets as well: they can be worn under the outer clothing to insulate even more.


A coat is perhaps the most elegant option for winter clothing. Even in a thick woolen coat, there must be an insulating lining – it is only in this case that you can wear it when the temperature in the street is below zero!

Faux fur coats

Every year, more and more options for eco-coats appear in stores (brands refuse to use natural fur). They can look completely different: for example, they imitate real fur or, conversely, they are painted in bright colors. An insulating layer is also important here – faux fur alone is unlikely to warm you when the thermometer drops below –10 degrees.

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