Hottest Beauty Trends for 2022

Next year is going to bring us a rich variety of beauty trends to every taste and style. Our guide has included absolute leaders, who delight all influencers and stylists. We have compiled a top list with the hottest beauty trends in 2022.

Full, natural lips

Already in 2021, special attention was focused on natural lips in juicy shades. In 2022, this trend will only strengthen its position. It is important to note that the popularity of lip augmentation is fading away now, and naturalness is returning to fashion.

As for the makeup itself, many brands will pay a lot of attention to nude glitters, lipsticks, tints and pencils. Do not be afraid to give yourself full freedom and experiment with colors: bright berry shades, shades with a plum tint, and red lipsticks will be more relevant than ever.

All of the above will be appropriate both in everyday life and at a solemn or social event.

Makeup without eyebrows

Just 2 years ago, thick sable eyebrows were in trend. In 2022, makeup “without eyebrows” is fashionable again. This does not mean that they need to be shaved or removed, however, bleached or disguised eyebrows will be in particular demand.

Nude makeup

In the upcoming year, makeup artists plan not to deviate from the beloved trend of “makeup without makeup”. The maximum airy makeup will remain an object of desire for everyone, so the weight of the ladies’ cosmetic bags is going to remain the same.

If you strive to create light textures with subtle natural hues, it will not be superfluous to purchase tonal foundations with weightless textures, highlighters and fine sparkles.

Natural blush

The main rule of natural blush is to use natural shades that suit your skin tone. If you have got a light tone, choose soft shades. If your skin tone is darker, look for deeper options.


A wide variety of shapes and colors will be trendy again. Arrows with contrasting shades of eyeliner, as well as double arrows, will look especially bright. In 2022, you should pay attention to the width of the arrows – the trend will not be the same as in the classic ones: the rule “the wider, the better” will become the main one.

More rhinestones and sequins

At the beginning of this year, people were dubious about sticking rhinestones on the eyelid. From the beginning of 2022 on, the trend for sequins and rhinestones will only assert its right to be present in daytime makeup. Makeup artists also focus on eye glitters. Even with the lightest application, they will look very impressive.

Doll eyelashes

The main rule is not to extend eyelashes. It is better to learn how to use beam eyelashes and glue them at home.

The effect of doll lashes can also be achieved with the help of layering mascara: simply makeup the lashes with a brush and product several times, taking short breaks so that the mascara has time to slightly harden.

Bright shadows

The flamboyant 1990s eye makeup is back. Peach, olive, blue and red shades will be trendy. It is not necessary to use the shadows according to all the canons of makeup: the shadows can be applied with your finger, making the borders slightly smoother.

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