Reasons to Live a Simple Life

We live in a binge-consuming culture, which makes us anxious, stressed, unhappy, sick and poor. As more and more people begin to realize that, they incline to a simpler, less cluttered, living, tend to shake off old habits and assume a lighter frame of mind. Live a simple life to allow yourself to figure out your priorities and devote time to more important matters without undue fuss. There is no denying that simplicity is great for clearing away rubbish from your life.

It prevents your budget depleting

When you are into simplicity, it helps you to keep your budget in check. You will be buying only things that you really need, and you will understand which stuff is superfluous and can be sold. It can happen that you will even want to live in a smaller place. Once you have begun to spend less, you will feel firm ground under your feet, and debt-less life is sure to bring in new inspirations.

Many life’s stresses are caused by money matters. As soon as you have gained a grip on your finances, you will take a lot of load from your mind.

Simplicity gets away with overreacting

The new lifestyle also means a simpler outlook on day-to-day situations. Relieved of stress, your mind sees things more clearly. Besides, your newly acquired principles will be prompting you the right decisions, so you will know straight away whether you are going to answer yes or no.

Living a simple life means better health

Fewer possessions and fewer affairs mean fewer worries – and more time for yourself. You don’t need to get busy with updating, checking, fixing, even dusting. You don’t feel obliged to tend to your precious things. It may not seem to be heavy stuff, but it could bring about troubled sleep, bad digestion, stress-related headaches.

When the home is stuffed with things, they tend to get misplaced, lost, forgotten about. They cause additional worries – or it is a lucid indication that they are not needed. Maybe you didn’t need them from the start.

You start out feeling irritated, then it grows into anxiety or sadness, later on, you can find it spoiled your temper, affected your blood pressure and caused mental troubles. It’s high time to stop being a slave to your things if you feel like one.

You learn to appreciate the pleasure of small things

In a life that is overburdened small things inevitably get lost. Whereas small pleasures are very gratifying, filling us with understandable, easily consumable sensations that go a long way.

Simple delights are abundant and always around. You ought to know which of them bring you the most joy – watching the rain from the window, walking in the sun, seeing the clouds scud across the evening sky, you can list them up. You may be surprised at how many things will add up to make a long list!

You can make relationships more purposeful and rewarding

A simpler life may not allow you to keep in touch with a horde of pals – but you will be able to get together with your closest friends more often. The atmosphere is sure to be more relaxed and sincere, more suitable for open and trustful exchange of experiences and opinions.

Life gets unburdened

As your belongings and commitments dwindle, you feel your life becoming lighter and more transparent. The schedule becomes less tight, and the hustle of ceaseless arrangements gets left behind. Think of having more time to be devoted to your favorite pastimes – or just to enjoying long restful pauses.

It is easier to hold on to your values

The modern lifestyle is marked with more and more things that get in and stay around, but fail to make people happier. A bigger car won’t take your troubles away. Things from stores only whet your appetite but don’t add to your content.

As you take simplistic values closer to your heart, materialistic appeals begin to wane. You no longer spare much thought to outward appearances, your conscience alone leads you. Wealthier or poorer, you spend less money and take less stock in material belongings.

More of your time is yours

Having embraced simple living, you will find more and more time free for you to dispose of as you like – take up whatever you have been longing to for years.

First, hustle and bustle will dissolve, and you will enter onto a relaxed lifestyle with no commitments piling up. Then you are going to discover that you are capable of doing more with your life than you used to think.

What to do make your lifestyle simpler very quickly

Here are the most important steps to how to make your life simpler:

  • get rid of clutter and excess
  • reduce time spent in front of the screens (TV, social media)
  • choose books carefully
  • shop with a list
  • do everything mindfully and without destruction, don’t multitask
  • ask yourself regularly: “Why am I doing what I’m doing right now? Is it really important?”
  • take a break from your daily routine
  • choose food you eat wisely
  • declutter your closet
  • go to bed early
  • avoid overcommitment
  • spend time in the fresh air
  • try meditation

A step-by-step guide for living a simple life

You begin by explaining to yourself that you don’t really need so many things. You are in charge of your life, and there’s nothing to stop you once you’re convinced.

Re-frame your mind so you understand all the benefits and have matched them against an overburdened lifestyle.

When you are ready mentally, begin to get rid of superfluous things around you.

Look through your schedule and think about what you can cancel; delete needless applications from your smartphone.

Eliminate everything distractive, stick to your new lifestyle to acquire the necessary habits.

Check your intentions: some of them will be sheer wanting to pay and possess. See if your intentions go to complicate or simplify your life.

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