Hair Straightening Causes Allergy


Scientists have found that such a popular procedure among women, as straightening hair with irons, can be a serious health hazard.

Recent studies have shown that professional cosmetic products used for hair straightening contain a great quantity of formaldehyde, which can provoke the development of various types of cancer.

However, even the products, which do not contain formaldehyde, as said on the packaging, have demonstrated the presence of a certain amount of this chemical. Among the more common and seemingly not so hazardous consequences of human exposure to formaldehyde one can mention allergic reactions, tearing, bleeding from the nose and skin irritation. The danger is that formaldehyde is a liquid gas, which dissolves in water. But when exposed to high temperatures (as in the case of fan-drying or using irons), it evaporates into the air and is absorbed by the respiratory organs.

The scientists have found that many professional hair care products, used in salons, contain this substance. The owners and employees of these salons were urged to remove dangerous cosmetics from the market. As experts stress, it is very important that the stylists should know about the dangers of formaldehyde and about how important it is to observe safety precautions when working with the products that contain it.