FYI: Simple Beauty Tips for Teens Without the Jargon

Emphasizing natural beauty is suggested in most fashion magazines, yet it gets mighty confusing when waltzing through a makeup aisle. The colors, brands, and styles are enough to make any young person’s head spin, especially teens who are just learning to apply makeup and getting used to accentuating their natural beauty.


Note the following suggestions, free of jargon and complexity.


Makeup works best when applied to a clean surface. Free your skin of dirt and oil before application. Choose a cleanser that is gentle enough not to cause irritation but abrasive as to eradicate dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. Depending on your skin type, finish the process with a moisturizer to prep and hydrate the skin.


Less is more regarding the amount of applied foundation. You don’t want it to look like it’s caked on or have the color of your face too different from your neck, arms, etc. If you’re a fan of concealer, make sure it matches your skin tone. As an alternative, try a moisturizer that acts as a light concealer. It’s understood that concealer is meant to hide blemishes, yet like foundation, don’t overdo it. Use a small dab on zits and blemishes rather than globbing it on your face, which will only draw attention to your blemish rather than conceal.


Blush is meant to supplement your naturally rosy cheeks. Again, use restraint and just a bit to achieve proper effect. Using too much will make you look more like a clown than a natural beauty. Some girls prefer to use a tiny bit on the bridge of their nose and the forehead. Of course, you can opt to abstain from using blush altogether.


Whether you have brown, blue, green, or hazel eyes, you can draw attention as well as accentuate the color with a bit of eyeshadow. Traditionally, blue and hazel is supplemented with warm colors such as gold. Gray and plum shadows work well with brown and green eyes. If you want to change the color of your eyes, try a pair of Juicy Contacts. Experiment with different colors and brands to achieve your desired look and style. Eyeliner also draws attention to the eyes, but use it sparingly. There is a fine line between accentuating your natural beauty and looking as if you have applied too much makeup.


Depending on chosen style, you may want to have fuller lashes. Mascara darkens and draws attention to lashes as well as frames the eyes. Depending on your eye color, you may want to choose contrasting shades of mascara. For example, blue eyes look captivating when supplemented by brown mascara. A curler makes the lashes look fuller and larger; to achieve the look, place the curler at the root of your lashes and slowly move in an upward motion.


Lipstick is an assumed makeup staple, yet a number of girls prefer to go without or reserve lipstick for formal occasions. If you want to add pizazz to your lips, try some lip gloss; it looks more natural and provides a glow.

Start Slow

You may not want to buy all (or none) of the above makeup accessories. Some girls prefer to keep their face clean and remain free of makeup. Don’t let fashion magazines or peers dictate your personal decisions. However, wearing makeup can be fun and helps accentuate your natural beauty. Start slow, choosing one or two accessories, learning how to apply and what colors work with your natural complexion and eyes. Afterward, start using more makeup and learning how some colors work better depending on the season and your immediate destination.

To Pluck or Not to Pluck

Maintaining symmetrical eyebrows appears easier than you may think. Traditionally, women either pluck their brows or go to a salon to get brows waxed. Alternatively, modern-day women are embracing their natural brows and showing off thicker, fuller eyebrows. It’s your choice, yet be mindful when using tweezers; if you pluck too much or unevenly, you will look awkward, a reason to let your natural brows take precedence.

Small Alterations and Big Impressions

Small alterations can make a big impression. Just think of the dramatic difference when some women leave their hair up or let it flow downward. You don’t need a lot of makeup to make a big change. If applying makeup to your face is something you prefer not to do, think about making minor changes to your appearance, such as choosing a bold fingernail and toenail polish or changing the color of your eyes with contacts. The same principle applies to your hair. You don’t have to invest in expensive dyes or trips to the salon. You can make a big impression with a small streak of color in your hair.

Emmy Prom started Juicy Contacts in 2012. With a love for fashion and personal style, she hopes to share her passion by providing high quality contacts in dozens of styles and designs. Emmy currently resides in Dallas, Texas.