Eyelash Curlers: Types and How to Choose What’s For You

If make-up artistry is your forte, and you are enthusiastic about eyelashes, then the eyelash curler should be one of your favorite tools. Eyelashes can transform your whole facial appearance. Eyelash curler helps curl and shape your eyelashes to make you appear awake. It opens up the eye area for someone with straight lashes.

Eyelash curlers will help you produce a noticeable difference in your appearance within a few minutes. People born with short lashes find eyelash curlers very resourceful. The curler can help make them appear longer, and improve the overall appearance of the eyes. The slight upward bend put by the lashes gives an impression of longer and fuller lashes.

There are many types of eyelash curlers on the market. You need to have an effective eyelash curler to ensure your work is impeccable. Different people prefer different curlers for different reasons. The curlers have different features and capabilities as well. You need to know how to use the eyelash curler that you have properly.

This article will take you through everything you need to know about eyelash curlers. The article will explore the different types of eyelash curlers available on the market. It will also outline the respective procedures of using each of those curlers. You should be able to get your best-suited eyelash curler after going through the article.

Types of Eyelash Curlers

Metallic Mechanical Curlers

The metallic mechanical eyelash curlers are the most common type of curlers available.

They have scissor-shaped handles and a curved curling surface. You clamp your lashes on the surface to create the perfect curl on your lashes.

Many people prefer these types of curlers because they are easy to use, and are readily available. Some of the advantages of having metal mechanical curlers include;

  • They are quite durable. These curlers will keep doing the trick for you for years.
  • They come at pocket-friendly prices. You do not have to break the bank to get one of these
  • They are easy to find. You can easily get them from your local store, or online on a variety of sites.
  • The curlers are quite versatile. They offer a wide variety of curls. You will certainly get the perfect curl for you from one of these.

Metallic mechanical curlers have a few misgivings as well. They include:

  • The curling surface can easily pinch your eyelid. It can be injurious and painful. You always need to be extra careful while using these curlers.
  • You cannot use them after you have applied mascara on your lashes. The mascara will stick on your lashes and pull them out.
  • You risk making 90-degree angular curls that look weird while using these curlers.

If you are willing to pay a bit more for the high-end models of metallic mechanic curlers, you will not have to worry about some of these misgivings. These curlers are not perfect, but they are quite effective. They are great for beginners.

The Xlash Eyelash Curler is an example of an impressive metallic mechanical eyelash curler. It is a great curler that does not have some of the misgivings outlined above. You will not have to worry about pinched eyelids or weird right-angled curls. The curler is sleek, and simple to use.

The velvet touch handles ensure a firm grip, and the central pressure-regulating hinge ensures you will not suffer eyelid pinches while using it.

Plastic Mechanical Curlers

You probably already know the plastic mechanical curlers work just like the metallic ones above. The only difference is the make-material. These are designed for people with sensitive skin, and metal allergies. You can still get a perfect curl on your lashes even if your skin is sensitive to metals.

These curlers are quite common too. They come with a couple of merits, and demerits as well. The merits include;

  • They are perfect for anyone with skin or eye sensitivities
  • They are quite easy to use
  • They are mostly affordable. Many of them will cost less than the metallic ones.

You will have to grapple with the following issues if you have to use these plastic mechanical curlers.

  • They are fragile. The plastic material tends to break often. You might have to be buying them now and then.
  • The variety of plastic mechanical curlers is limited as compared to that of metallic curlers.
  • You can’t press firmly on the lashes with these plastic curlers. They will most likely break if you do. That means the curl might not be as good as that produced by the metallic ones.

In as much as the plastic curlers work them same as the metallic ones, they may not produce the best results. They are your go-to eyelash curlers if your skin or eyes are sensitive to metal though.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

As the name suggests, these curlers use heat to curl your lashes. Unlike the latter two, you do not have to clamp and apply pressure on your lashes. You just run mascara wand-like head of the curler over your lashes, and they are done.

Heated eyelash curlers make the process easy and quick. They produce better results than the latter two as well. You can use a heated eyelash curler on your lashes even after applying some mascara. Below are some advantages of having lash curlers.

  • These curlers are the best option for people with fragile lashes. Fragile lashes with come out when a little bit of pull is applied. Heat curlers involve no force. They will lift and curl your lashes effortlessly.
  • There are people with stubborn and uneven lashes that stick out everywhere. Taming such lashes with mechanical curlers might be daunting. Such lashes stand no chance in front of heated eyelash curlers. They will obey and fall in perfect curls.
  • Unlike the mechanical curlers, heated curlers can be used on lashes with mascara. The heat lightens the mascara and allows the lashes to get in shape. The results are perfect when the mascara rehardens.
  • Heated curlers ensure a natural curl. There is absolutely no chance of ending up with weird looking curls.
  • The curls made with heated curlers last long. A few strokes in the morning will keep the lashes in shape throughout the day.
  • You do not have to worry about eyelid pinches. These curlers have no clamps. There are zero chances of getting pinched.

As great as the heated eyelash curlers seem, they are not devoid of misgivings. A couple of their shortcomings are listed below.

  • Heated eyelash curlers are quite expensive as compared to the other types. You will have to incur maintenance costs as well. These curlers use batteries, and the batteries get drained out quite fast.
  • Many people have a heat phobia. They will not want anything hot close to their face, let the eyes alone. You should not fear though. They are quite easy and safe to use, once you get the hang of it.
  • These curlers are not beginner-friendly. You have to perfect you start before you start using them.

Clearly, the pros of heated eyelash curlers far outweigh the cons. They are must-have curlers for any professional make-up artist.

If you cannot afford a heated eyelash curler, you could blow hot air with a blow dry on the clamps of your metallic mechanical curler. The combination of the pressure applied and a bit of heat will work some magic.

Precision Eyelash Curlers

Some lashes can be difficult to reach. Some people have very difficult lash lines. Working on lashes like these with the normal eyelash curlers can challenging. Precision curlers help work on these difficult to reach lashes. They help curl the lashes on the edges as well. They can be quite stubborn too.

  • Precision curlers are made with a narrow clamp and have an unhindered design. They can easily reach every lash on your lash line. Difficult eyes shapes will get their fix from the precision eyelash curlers. They are also known as point or spot eyelash curlers.
  • Below are a couple of reasons you ought to have a precision eyelash curler in your pack of make-up tools.
  • Precision curlers can work on all eye-shapes. They are perfect for deep-set, curling lower lashes and small eyes as well. The curlers deal with inward-curling lashes and corner lashes with incredible ease. It would be quite daunting to work on such area with ordinary curlers
  • As the name suggests, precision curlers are all about precision. You’ve probably always been concerned that your lash line is uneven even after a couple of strokes with the other curlers. It might take you a while longer to get it done, but precision curlers will certainly take your worries away.
  • If you use false lashes, it’s most likely that you always have a problem while trying to get them to blend in with your natural lashes. Precis on lashes will solve the incompatibility problem right away.
  • They are the perfect option if you are working on short lashes. Getting the curl on short lashes with any other curler can be very difficult.
  • You do not have to worry about pinching. The curlers have no sides. This reduces the risk of pinching to almost none.
  • They are quite versatile. They can be used on a wide range of eye shapes.

It is important to note that precision eyelash curlers are mainly used as supplemental curlers. Using the alone would take a lot of time. Using the other curlers to get the basics done, then use the precision curlers to do some finishing touches. Precision curlers have a few misgivings as well. They include;

  • Green beginners will find challenging to use precision curlers. They have to put in some work before they can comfortably handle them.
  • Precision curlers are quite strong. It is easy to apply more than enough pressure, which will result in weirdly shaped lashes. You risk ending up with L-shaped lashes when you apply excess pressure.

Precision curlers are certainly a great tool to have. They will help you touch up the flaws left by the other curlers.

How to Choose Your Best-Suited Eyelash Curler

As already mentioned, different people find it easy and best to use different types of curlers. There are a couple of factors you should consider so as to find your best-suited curler. They are;

Eye Shape and Size

The shape and size of your eyes determine how easy it is to work on the lash line. Wide eyes mean a wide lash line, which is easy to work on. Mechanical eyelash curlers will work on such eyes perfectly. On the other hand, small eyes mean a small lash line. You might want to consider using heated eyelash curlers and precision curlers if you have such eyes.


We have already established that some curlers require the make-up artist to have perfected their art before they can use them properly. Using heated and precision curler may not be a walk in the park if you are not experienced enough.

That should not hinder you from getting them though. After all, how will you every perfect your craft if you don’t pick them up and practice.

Allergies and Sensitivities

If your skin is sensitive to metals, you will have to settle for plastic curlers. Similarly, some people are quite sensitive to heat; they might not be able to use heated eyelash curlers. Such sensitivities or allergies will leave you no choice, but to settle for the eyelash curler that you are tolerant of.

In the End…

There will always be a variety of different eyelash curlers within the types you have to settle for. You will certainly get one that can get the perfect curl on your lashes.

Eyelash curlers are certainly an essential inclusion to a makeup artist’s toolpack. The best eyelash curler will get you a perfect curl, and you or your client will be glowing all day long. The eyes count for a lot as far as the appearance of someone’s face is concerned. Eyes that look awake and glowing are always incredible. Get the eyelash curler that works for your lashes and get your lashes in shape.

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