Daytime Beauty Blunders You Make

The essence of daytime makeup is being simple and quick and hiding imperfections (which can be seen in bright light).

Today we will show you the typical daytime beauty blunders that should be avoided. It is absolutely clear that you are free to choose any look and any makeup options at any time of the day. We will just remind you of the canons of daytime looks that will help you look appropriate in an office with a strict dress code and present yourself favorably in bright light.

Untreated skin

The key to any good makeup is a clean, moisturized face. Before applying makeup, cleanse your face and then apply a moisturizer and makeup foundation (the latter will help your makeup last longer). In the long run, remember to use fine particle scrub and alginate masks (2-3 times a week). They perfectly nourish the skin and rid it of flaking.

Choice of dark shades and “heavy” textures

You should not choose the tone darker than the face skin. Choose the tone of the product that matches your skin or is a halftone lighter. As for textures, water-based foundations are considered light and ideal for daytime makeup. But the oil base is more often used for professional, persistent, wedding looks.

It is advisable to distribute all products with a wet beauty blender or a brush for creamy textures – this way the face will not turn into a mask, and wrinkles and skin irregularities will not be too obvious.

Makeup too bright

One of daytime makeup blunders is turning it into evening makeup. In daytime makeup, all that is permissible is to draw the space between the eyelashes with a dark brown pencil and shade it along the lash line. You can emphasize the top of the eyelid and darken the outer corner of the eyelid slightly.

It is advisable to use gold, peach, and brown shades. When creating daytime looks, one normally uses black and brown mascara. 1-2 layers of mascara will be enough to make the look more expressive.

Unprepared lips

With daytime makeup, nude or beige lipsticks, as well as light pink and coral tones, are the best.

Before applying (whatever color you choose in the end), be sure to use a moisturizing balm or a lip mask: the skin will become softer and the product will be much more convenient to apply. A life hack for 3D volume is to take a gray-pink pencil and darken the corners of the lips with it. In the center, you can apply a little nude lipstick and get the lipstick to penetrate into your lips with patting finger moves.

Excessively saturated eyebrows

First, too much highlighting (of any part of the face) contradicts the concept of daytime makeup. Secondly, naturalness is fashionable, including tattooing. They learned to perform tattooing in such a way that it often cannot be distinguished from natural beauty (well, if you don’t look too closely).

In an ideal world, the eyebrow color for blondes should be a tone darker than the hair roots. For brunettes, on the contrary, it should be a tone lighter. If you use a minimum of makeup on your eyes, you should not draw your eyebrows too much, otherwise they can spoil the general philosophy. Use tinting gel instead of pencil and eye shadow since it works more gently.

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