Fashion Trend: How to Wear a Little Black Dress Without Looking Boring?

There was a lot of talk about the little black dress. Yes, such a thing can always come in handy in the wardrobe, but it can easily make the image boring. We will tell you how to choose and how to complement a little (and not so little) black dress to look like a fashion influencer.

An actual cut

The easiest way is to pay attention to trends. This season, parachute dresses and combinations are relevant. They can always be complemented with a belt to emphasize the waist.

With an oversized jacket

A black jacket with a free cut is definitely one of the most appropriate acquisitions for a wardrobe. This trend is already timeless, which means that the thing will serve you for more than a year.

In an image with a dress, a jacket can play a decisive role: button it up during the day and playfully wear it on your shoulders in the evening.

With knee-high socks

We can see this accessory on fashionistas every year. Yet, you should wear it very carefully: knee-high socks can easily make an image vulgar, shorten your legs or widen your hips. But there is a win-win option – to combine them with a black dress just above the knee (the main thing is that there is a little space between the knee-highs and the dress).

Such an image is not suitable for a hot summer day, but at any other time of the year it can easily save you. By the way, knee-highs can easily be replaced by over-the-knee boots.

With a shirt

Do not be afraid to complement the second layer not only with a jacket or cardigan, but also with a shirt, which is less typical of this role. It can be left hanging or tied at the waist level (thereby accentuating it).

With rough boots

This is yet another option for the cool season. Complement the dress with trendy boots on a massive sole and black tights. This will add a little boldness to the image. If you want to put on a coat or cardigan, it is better to choose a model slightly longer than the dress itself.

Total black

We couldn’t miss such an important trend as total black. Moreover, it is not difficult to build it around a black dress. To make your look interesting, choose different textures – for example, different leather types or fabrics.

Another important point is that the shades of black must match if, in addition to the dress, you add other clothes. Otherwise a harmonious image will not work.

With original accessories

Accentuated accessories that attract attention are not easy to wear. Stylists suggest pairing them with jeans and a plain T-shirt, but a black dress is fine too. The secret of a successful look is in one accent detail for the whole look, which means that the dress should be as simple as possible.